House decorations

I was so excited to be able to fit a tree in the living room this year. In previous years it’s been too much of a squeeze and sadly it was outside the patio doors or in the kitchen.

After a year of redecorating, ripping out, massively decluttering, December approached and Christmas started creeping in.


Getting a 6ft unbagged tree into a Toyota Yaris, along with 2 carseats and 1 child was quite a trial, but well worth it. Next time I’ll remember to take the van.

I had in my mind that I wanted to use a new copper wire basket I had just bought. The reality wasn’t quite as straightforward, especially doing it on my own. But with a saw, some logs and fishing wire I finally got her standing beautifully and felt quite proud!

I couldn’t for the life of me remember what our decorations looked like from last year so I was pleasantly surprised when the box came down from the attic and upon opening I realised they would all be perfect.


A few years ago my husband went through a phase of chilli growing! The end result was mountains of the things and me trying to find all kinds of uses for them. Chilli jam was a great success. Very yummy indeed. I also made tree decorations using dried chillies and potpourri. They have stood the test of time and I love the homemade, natural feel. Last year I discovered Pompom makers, so for a time that was my new craze. We all need one don’t we!


Ribbon adds continuity and moves the eye around.


Everyone’s gone a bit mad for these light boxes this year and I didn’t escape the intrigue! This was a slightly dodgy cheaper version which soon went back. But I have since invested in a much better quality model from Desmond Elephant. This Modern Life, another shop crush, also stock them.


Say hello to my lovely Angel lady, made by the very talented Lucy Levenson. I saw her last year. I wanted her and she became mine.

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