Kitchen, a work in progress..

I’ve longed for a new kitchen for years and years and years. Despite seriously limited funds we started moving ahead with things before Christmas. It seems to be taking forever but it’s all steps in the right direction.

It pains me to share these photos with you!

But we are in a much more positive place now..



Still so much to do, it always takes much longer when you’re doing it all yourself, on a serious budget. But perhaps more rewarding?

I’m terrible for rushing things, but for once I’m living with it. Learning what I want/ need. What works best for family life.

The table is another part done project but I’m pleasantly surprised what you can do with some veneered ply and a set of hairpin legs. Soon said legs will be painted mint.


I may be making one for a friend in the new year so will think about posting a how to then.





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