Good things to feed the soul.


Screenshot_20160111-163545~2The weather has turned, the cold is creeping in. A busy morning of the girls crafting and taking forever to get dressed was followed by gymnastics and a brisk country walk to seek out chickens and pigs.

Home then to the promise of hot chocolate and a fire. The girls hung out in the living room whilst I pottered in the kitchen making dinner.

This beautiful Rachel Powell Yoko print is currently resting in the kitchen but will soon be relocating to Eula’s new room. That’s a work in progress. But for now she smiles on at me whilst I go about my chores.

The daffodils were a treat to myself today, because I have been a very good girl! How lovely they look in one of my new MissPrint pots, another treat to myself, ssssh, don’t tell!

Oh and look at this gorgeous little Next moustache jumper that I just couldn’t say no to for a delicious little nephew. I’ve never shopped for a little boy before but is so fab to get to do it now.



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