Nancy’s world.

I wanted to create a space for Nancy that she could be proud of. Somewhere to read her books, play Sylvanians and act out her dreams.  I think I’ve achieved this. If you ever come to visit, chances are a curly topped little lady with enthusiastically greet you at the door and instantly ask ‘Do you want to see MY room?’ It really doesn’t matter if you’ve been before, had the tour, she’s going to show you anyway!


Mr Moon as we like to call him, a print by Für Neil, bought from This Modern Life, watches over her in a cloudy night sky. Her little face lit up when she first met him, his ‘astache’ being of particlar hilarity.

This lovely image was taken by my super talented photographer/ midwife friend Kirsty at Cornish Sweet Pea Photography whilst doing an Oscha Slings blanket shoot in Nancy’s room.

I had in my mind the type of bedding I wanted but couldn’t find anything that fitted exactly. Then I came across this beautiful Passing Cloud fabric by Eloise Renouf. It was perfect, so I set about making her a duvet set instead.


I have limited sewing skills, most projects leave the air blue with frustrated profanity, but the girl done good I think! Look at that beautiful little sleeping rabbit girl. That’s Rosie the METOO doll. Both girls have them and they’re some of the most lovely toys I’ve seen.


Nancy’s bedside table cost me £14 on eBay. Collected locally, it was in a worse state than advertised but still a bargain I think. Initially I covered it with some leftover mustard Mini Moderns Alice wallpaper, which we currently have in the living room.


But as lovely as it was the colours didn’t sit right for me, so I redid it with a lovely turquoise instead.


Here’s yet another duvet set Nancy has. This time from Primark of all places. A fab find by my friends over on my most favourite Facebook group, Scandi and Mid century Homes and Interiors. We’re forever trading High street bargain finds, which is wonderful as I most certainly do not have never ending funds!

And as I finish writing this in bed, unable to sleep which is a mother’s curse when the rest of the house is so quiet and still, I can hear the pages of a book turning occasionally. This is something Nancy does every so often. Rather than trot on in for a cuddle and a wriggle in the early morning, instead she is compelled to read her books in bed. Soon I will go in to her to discover piles of her favourites scattered around her.

It is exactly as I imagined things to be.


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