Good things come to those that wait.

Today has been about making mess. Creative mess, but mess all the same. Due to high winds and rather chilly conditions I was forced to spray paint bits and pieces for Eula’s room in the Kitchen, thus creating a house of toxic gasses. Children were banished to swimming with my husband.


I found this vintage medicine cabinet outside a charity shop a while ago for £2. I couldn’t leave it behind and knew I’d find a home for it at some point. Today the transformation began in a mist of mint.



Hopefully I’ll be onto customising the blind tomorrow. Now that could go VERY wrong!

I saved unwrapping this beautiful Fine Little Day print until all was calm and still. I love it and it’s everything I hoped it would be. I’ll be having a play when it’s light tomorrow to find it a permanent home.Screenshot_20160115-201643~3

Good night all xx

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