Pretty things.

I’ve had one of those kinds of days that from the outside must seem very unremarkable, but on the inside I feel I have achieved things, had a lovely time with the girls and just enjoyed a great start to the week.

We went to Truro, which is Cornwall’s equivalent to the big city I guess. Except it’s pretty much the size of a large town. But very beautiful. Nancy always gets rather excited as she loves to take her time peering into shop windows and choosing her ‘bestest’ thing.

We had a Q&A session at the Theatre as part of a community project. Our reward, free tickets to see Mr Maker next month. For anyone who hasn’t got small people in their lives Mr Maker is a kind of lesser Tony Hart mixed with Art Attack. Not the greatest show I will ever see I’m sure, but Nancy can’t get over that she will see ‘that funny arty guy actually really where we are’. I can’t wait!

I did rather well out of our mouching around the shops before and after and thought I would share some of my bargainous finds with you.


Oooh I’m loving the colours! Let’s start with the absolutely stunning ‘wrapping paper’ from Illustrated Living. They say wrapping paper, I say already framed it for star position in the kitchen! It couldn’t tick more of my love right now boxes if it tried! And at £1.75 I really don’t understand why I didn’t buy duplicates. I will be returning. Who even needs an excuse when this awaits..


This little candle holder (£2ish) and wire basket (£3.50ish) came from Dunelm Mill. I also got the beautiful lotus flower tealight holder from there. The monochrome fleece blanket is from Matalan.



We already have this set of house candle holders, They on a cupboard in the Kitchen. But for £2 in the sale in TKMaxx I couldn’t leave them there. One needs a paint job I think, it looks as though it’s been in a fire! But the other 3 will live in Eula’s room.


Finally, if you’re anything like me you’re a complete sucker for stationary. I love it. I have too much of it. But I can’t stop buying it! These beautiful little notebooks were about 49p each in HomeBargains so I thought it would be rude not to. I bought multiples to put some in my present box. I like to keep it stocked up with any little finds I have so I’m always prepared. I really love gift giving, delving into the box and discovering I have just the thing.

So there. I didn’t spend much, honest! But these little things definitely spark joy, as do these little ladies…


Enjoy your evening lovely people x

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