Commitment to the cause.

Sometimes, well, most of the time if we’re honest, interior design/ redecorating/ upcycling isn’t a beautiful Instagrammed image or an article in a wonderful book you discover at the Library. It’s mess, it’s mistakes, it’s saying fuck much too often and calling yourself/ others an idiot. It’s dressing yourself up as what would appear to be a lab partner for Walt, ready to get some Meth on the go. It’s what we do because we love the end result. But I sure as hell don’t always enjoy the process to get there.


Yesterday was gloriously sunny. Cold but dry. Without looking at the forecast I’d planned today out. It mostly consisted of joyously spray painting the kitchen table legs and other bits and bobs in the garden, under the glow of winter sun. But upon waking this morning I realised it would not be that day. Miserable rain.

Instead I was banished to the garage, a place that I’m certain has been featured on a Channel 4 hoarding documentary. Tell me you all have these places?

My husband kindly set up the table legs, screwing them to some old worktop so that they would get a good covering all at once. It’s rather dark in there and it’s too far from the house to have electricity. But it’s ok. He helpfully set up a gas fired lamp right above where I would be using highly flammable, airborne, chockingly strong, billowing fumes. “It’s well ventilated” he said, “I think you want me gone” I said.

Instead I had to make do with light from the van headlights. I am not one to be defeated once I have an idea in my head!

I definitely got some strange looks from the neighbours I can tell you, but I proved I have commitment to the cause!

I also finally, third time lucky, finished painting Eula’s blackout blind. I was going to post a How to, but it would most definitely be a How NOT to I can tell you. Lessons were learnt, my spirit wasn’t broken. It will look glorious I am sure??!?

My reward for today’s efforts?

This little mountain necklace, cheap and very cheerful..


So now I am off to try and work out that annoying little knot in the chain and browse yesterday’s wonderful Library haul. I’m ready to reimmerse myself in the perfectly, seemingly effortlessly finished images, but with a very real idea of what’s behind the camera. I will continue with the legs tomorrow.


And here’s a little snap of one of my glorious gals to put a smile on your face this dark, wet night. Cheesy Eula..


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  1. CornishDoula says:

    Fabulous šŸ™‚

  2. Sophie Cairns says:

    Hi Alice ā€“ I am new to your blog and have enjoyed browsing it! I was wondering whether you had to add any extra ply support underneath your table top before adding the legs? Iā€™m sorry if you have answered this elsewhere! Ps give Cornwall a wave from me ā€“ I grew up there and am 400 miles away right now!

    1. Hi Sophie, so glad you’re enjoying my blog ā¤
      No, I haven’t added any extra strength, but if it were any bigger it would need a support underneath. My previous table which was long and narrow needed extra help, this one isn’t quite square but is much stronger. I can’t remember the measurements off the top of my head though. Sorry. Hello from Cornwall!

  3. Sophie Cairns says:

    Many thanks Alice. I may give it a go in a few months time!!

    1. Good luck x

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