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Just call me Banksy.

I’m having a bit of a love affair with spray paint at the moment, or to quote my husband “bloody hell, it’s like living with fucking Banksy”.
Mint is my colour of the month. With a touch of pink thrown into the mix for a lovely contrast.

The spray paint I have used is Montana Gold. The mint colour is called Malachite Lite, the pink is Frozen Strawberry.

I thought I’d share with you some of the bits I’ve revamped.

£6 wire basket from Matalan. Not coppery (that’s a word right?!) enough to be the good kind, so a bit of mint and it’s perfect for Eula’s dolls. I’m a fan of Ferm Living’s products and they have a basket quite similar But it’s out of my price range at approximately £59 so I’m quite happy with my £53 saving! I will have one one day though.

Some of you may have seen in a previous post that I had made a start on my bargain vintage £2 charity shop medicine cabinet. Well it’s now been fully transformed into shelving and a mirror for all the girl’s dressing up antics. I’m lucky enough to have a plumber as a brother and at my request he made me this lovely copper clothes rail a while ago. I’m waiting on some lovely canvas baskets to put the rest of their fancy dress bits and bobs in. This is by far their most favourite past time and one that provides much entertainment for everyone else too.

Check out these glorious beings..


I’ve seen a few wire mesh grid notice boards on Pinterest and love the one This Modern Life have for sale. But what with all the many projects on the go I have limited to zero funds so I decided to make my own from £6.50’s worth of gardening metal grid and my trusty spray paint.

I love it when a plan comes together!

I spy the £1 stag’s head I tarted up a few weeks ago. Have a little look at ‘A quick little upcycle’ for the simple how to. I love this little happy Llama, a card bought from Paperchase. It makes Eula laugh, which is a bonus.

The whole need for something here is because of this annoying little white box. The remnants of some prehistoric economy 7 underfloor heating control panel. The house is full of these frustrating little additions. They mock me and my slight OCD tendencies towards noticing little details. A rather elaborate way to cover it I know, but if you’re gonna do it, do it good!

Finally, my favourite spray paint sexied up piece of the week. My delicious kitchen table.

Here it is when we had just made it. Veneered ply wood from Bradfords. Hairpin legs from EBay.

And here it is now…

I’m a little bit too in love with the delicious lamination patterning on the edge of the wood. How fab is that?! The whole thing has cost me about £115 and it’s everything I ever wanted in a table.

I’ll be posting a little How to about it soon. I hope you think it’s a beautiful as I do.

Well there you have it.

I’m off to help with a Coffee Morning to raise money for the local Food Bank now, I’m chief face painter, wish me luck!