Dear Pinterest…

If you’re anything like me you have an extensive Pinterest ‘I will one day make’ list. When I get excited about something I may have a slight tendency towards getting a little carried away. Read slight and little as huge thunderous, unstoppable ball of raging determination, frantic brainstorming/ pinning. Copious Pixlr collages later and no doubt it’s fizzled out a bit and I’m onto the next obsessive idea. At least I know this about myself. I can voice it. It is who I am. That makes it ok, OK?!
My internal creative being is so skilled, so good with time management and clearly has no children and all the distractions and challenges this brings to an inventive mind. Reality is somewhat different. But I muddle by.
Earlier, whilst looking for one of these aforementioned Pins, I was reminded of some of these projects and had an idea.
If I commit them to here, vowing my solemn intentions to actually get around to trying my hand at the pretties that have previously tickled my fancy, then maybe, just maybe, they will actually happen.
Let’s give it a try.

Dear Pinterest,

I promise I will take your beautiful inspiration and do more with it than just file it away in a folder. I seem to just be collecting projects like stamps, stuck there, no longer fulfilling their purpose. Your ability to spark ideas, give me choice and step by step guidance should be better utilised.

So here’s my list…

Kitchen shelving.

I haven’t comitted myself to quite what form they will take yet but I’m thinking the veneered ply left from making the table would be a bit lovely with the wood layers showing…


I have some pretties that are waiting patiently to be given a new home.


MissPrint, Geometti and Orla Kiely all complement each other beautifully. I have my eye on a few more little lovelies, but they’ll just have to wait.

I’m slightly obsessed with these fab belly baskets. I love the slouch, the texture, the adaptability and many uses. I’ve been on the look out for the perfect colour but I think I’ve come to the conclusion buying a naked one and adorning it myself will be the way forward.

Look at these beautiful wooden bead trivets. It would make me very happy to have such a pleasing little thing lying around on the worktop. They’re available to buy from various places, Etsy for example. But this How to by Apartment Therapy stirred up the need to make my own –


Last time I got as far as shopping for the beads but got bargain blindness. You know, when you spend too long looking for the best price, so in the end your brain wants to explode and you run away from the whole idea. I will return to it, soon.


I have a vintage tallboy in the kitchen which provides invaluable storage for the children’s crafty bits and bobs, wrapping paper, Washi tape, candles and all those other bits and pieces that exist purely to clutter and annoy. The drawer fronts are rather water damaged and if I’m honest it looks a bit out of place in the room.


Excuse it’s surroundings, work in progress and all that.

I’m pondering an ombre paint job to brighten it up and tie it into it’s place.

Colour inspiration..

These little bottles are so simple, beautiful and set off the flowers spectacularly..

My windowsill is crying out for a pop of colour and this would be a simple but very effective way of achieving it. They’ve been done with Montana Gold Spray paint, like I’ve used recently, so it’s encouraging to see their results.


I’d like to introduce some more plant life to the Kitchen, but want to avoid having ‘stuff’ on every surface so have a few ideas up my sleeve for hanging pots.

Look at this fab use of old lightbulbs –


And this idea is great, or a variation of –


Last but not least a little project I’ve asked my Plumber brother to help out with…

Watch this space, hopefully these pretties will be brought to life in the not so distant future.

Happy making people xx

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