Working on the Hygge

Last night we had an unexpected power cut that lasted until the morning. Slight panic set in as I was faced with a phone that only had 2% battery and an evening of no TV/ internet, I felt at a loss. But in fact I had such a beautiful night with my husband, once he had returned from the gym, chatting in front of the woodburner, candles burning.


No distractions, no false lighting and over stimulating TV. We played a game of big word trumps. Basically just try and outdo one another with big fancy/ funny sounding words. I must say my poor addled brain let me down somewhat but I slept really well and felt so calm this morning.

Popped my £1.75 print (wrapping paper) up on the wall finally. Need to start looking for other pretties to adorn the wall now.IMG_20160129_094243

The TV has stayed off all day and the children have played so much better and we’ve all been much happier. Screen time has crept up to a level I’m not comfortable with but it’s felt out of my control. Which is ridiculous. It’s as simple as pressing a button. Work in progress, but well worth putting the effort in.

Today was hair day, a much needed and long overdue treat.
All jazzed up but with nowhere to go though.

I really fancied going out for drinks but no plans were made. After 4 years of children, almost 5 including pregnancy, making evening plans child free still isn’t foremost in my mind. This year I want to change this. I want to go out more, eat good food with friends, drink yummy wine and laugh all night. Work in progress.
We’ve kept the lights off tonight but *may* have given in to a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Small steps. I’d like to introduce an energy free evening more often, it will do us so much good.


I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend. I shall be swishing my newly tamed mane at a friend’s daughter’s birthday tomorrow, it’s all rock and roll here I can tell you.

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