It’s ok, you’ve got this.

Some days are like treading water, you’re staying afloat, but not going anywhere. Surviving. Making it through until bedtime. Wine time. You time.
Today though I feel like it’s ok, Alice, you’ve got this!
Limited screentime for the girls is going well. Instead the jigsaws are regaining their appeal, the Sylvanians are getting more attention and we could hold our very own exhibition at The Tate with all the wonderous creations that are being made. These are all things that happened before, but seemingly with a bit less passion. We’re all clicking back together again after several difficult weeks.
Friends came for coffee first thing and then, whilst the girls played, I tidied the kitchen and had a bit of a sort through. It’s very much been a room of two halves until this point and I have only taken pictures looking one way, to hide the true chaos! My husband helped to make the shelves I’ve been waiting for at the weekend so finally my pots have a proper home and I can tick a job off my Pinterest promise list.


Typical me of course I wanted to see what they looked like with pretty things on, so did that before oiling. So who knows when this will happen now but it need’s to as the lovely Osmo Oil really helps show off the lamination on the edge of the ply. These are offcuts from the table I made, which you can see here on a previous post, if you haven’t already –

Just call me Banksy.


I’m not 100% happy with the placing of bits and pieces on the shelves and I think the books need to go somewhere else entirely, but I can potter with that over time.
When I was designing this kitchen in my head I got the idea stuck that I wanted a wooden splashback. Not just a standard Upstand, I wanted the worktop to carry on up the wall and to use as few a  varying material’s as possible to avoidbit feeling overcluttered. I bought an extra piece of the solid beech worktop and took it to my local joiners. They cut it through the depth, then down the length, turning one 40mm deep piece into 4 lengths, each 20mm thick, to mount on the wall. I love it.


Again, another oiling job I haven’t got around to yet. You can see the colour difference between the worktop and the untreated wood. But I did however find the time today to quickly give this lovely Next Hello sign a minty spray, clearly my priorities are in the right place!


Previously it was plain white and wouldn’t stand out enough against the white walls. You must think I’m a tad mint obsessed but I promise it’s all nicely spread out through the house.


How about a before picture to illustrate the subtle differences!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I lived with that for so long!! I just blurred it out to get through daily life I’m sure. It seems like a lifetime ago now. Look at that floor!

Now I need to decide on what’s going on the wall above the worktop. I keep avoiding making the decision. The Hello sign will be somewhere in this area. I’m yet to commit.

One of these beautiful lightshades is on it’s way to me from Cloudberry Living after a friend recommended it.


So the kitchen is looking much improved and it’s clean and by midday tummies were rumbling so off we went to track down a Pasty or two, sushi for me and then on to the woods for poo sticks (Poo logs if you’re Miss Muscles Nancy) and a bit of stream wandering. Then song time at the library.


Home again, chicken is in the oven and I’ve earnt a sit down with a cuppa and a beautiful book to peruse. If you haven’t read this lovely then please do so, the pictures and stories are so inspiring..


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  1. CornishDoula says:

    *sigh* (admiring sigh) <3 the kitchen looks amazing… I love it. You have real talent!

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