Colour amidst a storm.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been searching for the perfect pieces of art for both the kitchen and Eula’s room. It’s so difficult to decide and commit to a direction. Sometimes something catches your eye and you love it, but that doesn’t always mean it will work where you need it.

I thought I’d share with you some of the piece’s we have around the house in the hope that seeing it all collected in one place will point me in the right direction for what comes next.


Nancy has Mr Moon, by Für Neil, watching over her as she plays and sleeps. We bought him from This Modern Life and he’s one of our favourites.

She also has an old Habitat rainbow print which is just happiness in a frame. Jane Foster Panda and a Tiger napkin that I thought was too sweet to simply use for it’s original purpose so had a little colour in and popped it into a frame.

Screenshot_20160207-191712~2On the stairs we have my husband’s corner. Many years ago he got the idea in his head that he wanted a green wall. I pretty much get my own way with the decor but agreed to this to make him happy. Ok, so the contrast with the orange vintage surfboard and the Endless Summer print is quite striking, but this green will be leaving soon. I’m yet to have that conversation with him though! The wall is approx 12ft tall. That’s a lot of bright green.Screenshot_20160207-191537~2In addition to the green on the stairs I also made a frame that has many family photos hanging inside it. I love the photos, but I’m not keen on the frame and eventually plan to come up with a new way to display them all. I particularly love this photo taken on a very glorious evening beach shoot with some lovely people and the super talented Bekkie from Bambino Art Photography. I’m about 25 weeks pregnant with Eula here.

Screenshot_20160207-191237~2Last year I finally got around to making our bedroom more of a grownup space. More on this another day, but here is some of the beautiful art work in there. Inalxue and Mark Rothko..Screenshot_20160207-191220~2

Eula’s room is STILL work in progress, the pace has slowed in the past week or so for one reason or another. I lost a bit of faith in what I was doing and felt a little disappointed. But I have some things on the way that should hopefully jazz it all up again. So for now here is Yoko, by Rachel Powell. The first piece I bought for her new room. She’s perfection.Screenshot_20160207-191148~2

We have another Inaluxe print in the living room, bought from King&Mcgaw. Totally random size, so fortunately my Dad was able to make me a lovely frame for it otherwise it could have cost quite a lot. The living room will be my summer/ Auntum project I think. A few big changes as it just misses the mark for me. Don’t tell my husband yet!!

Here are two lovely little Cornwall inspired pieces, by my very talented Daddy. Each one probably took him a few minutes. I’ve been hinting at a big piece for the kitchen, but he’s had a lot going on for him lately and has more important things to focus on. Maybe one day.IMG_20160208_093110~2IMG_20160208_093022

Getting back to the kitchen, I was thrilled when I found a piece of wrapping paper for £1.75 that had the exact colours I had been imaging for next to the table..image


It’s framed in an Ikea 70×50 Ribba frame and my plan was to eventually make a smaller one, so I could cut off the barcode which is at the top. But now I kind of like it. It’s part of the story. This started the ball rolling and next came The Forest by Fine Little Day. I think it’s beautiful. My husband thinks it’s like something out of a nightmare!

And as I type I have just received my delivery from Northlight Homestore. This beautiful Darling Clementine Pear print (Pinterest image as I won’t be unwrapping mine until I have a suitable frame)Screenshot_20160208-080735~2

This pretty is destined for above the worktop I think. But will need to have a play around once it’s framed.

So there we have it. A bit of colour amidst the storm that rages outside. I’m off to retrieve half the contents of the garden from the hedge then light the woodburner and hibernate. Oh look, the neighbours trampoline just flew 15ft up in the air and relocated itself quite some way away. Have a lovely day xx

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