Dream on.

Yesterday I did the thing you’re not supposed to do if you have any issues with your own home, but no chance of moving. Rule 1, you really shouldn’t go and look around dream properties, but it happened almost by mistake. My parents live in a wonderful 3 storey Georgian town house, attached to a Victorian barn at the back. It’s gigantic and full of character. A house very close has come up for sale and they wanted to take a look, just out of interest, just in case. I was there for dinner so thought I would tag along. BIG MISTAKE.

It’s exactly what I imagine in my house daydreams. We all have them, right? Close to my family, right in the centre of the beautiful busy little town of Lostwithiel. I could picture the girls running around upstairs, playing hide and seek. All our friends there for lunch, gathered around a huge table, plenty of room to spread out and enjoy each other’s company in an open plan kitchen/ living room. High ceilings, sash windows with wonderfully smooth wooden window seats, polished to a shine by generations of resting bottoms! It was a blank canvas, ready to be moved into, ready for someone to make it a home, like these glorious spaces…pixlr_20160216154619536

But it won’t be me living in that dream home. That’s a bit hard to swallow sometimes. I sound ungrateful for what I am fortunate enough to have. I’m not, not really, I just long to have a place that feels like it fits us just right. Rather than making ourselves try to fit what we have. I’d never leave again!

But a week or two will pass and the frustration and longing will simmer down again, for now.

Anyway, today I had a little rejig, as I’m trying to make the entrance to the house more appealing. The little hallway has been looking very tired and unloved, frustratingly I forgot to take a proper before shot. I haven’t liked these clip frames for years..IMG_20160205_124221

So after a lick of paint to brighten it up the Fine Little Day Forest print has migrated to live here.IMG_20160216_141552


I’ll be having a look at small rugs to replace that offensive filthy beige thing tonight. I’m restricted by size, it’s a compact area, budget and it must survive children, mud and a lot of foot traffic.

I’m pondering possibly customising something that’s quite natural, like Sisal or Jute..pixlr_20160216145512510

Or perhaps going a little more traditional and trying to find a small turquoisey something, along the lines of a Persian. We’ll see.pixlr_20160216145604529

My view from the sofa is much improved, though I now have a gap in the kitchen that needs filling!IMG_20160216_144519

There really are aspects of our home that I love.  And we aren’t financially stretched, which is reassuring and part of the reason I’m in no hurry to rush back to a job. We are so lucky really. We have warmth, family and safety. But I can’t help but wonder what life would be like a bit more spread out. A chance to find a little solitude, without having to go out, like the houses I grew up in. Not just for myself, as the girls get older they’re going to want more privacy too. I just can’t see how we can all grow where we are, but for now I will make myself feel better by trying to fit my big ideas into my small home, hopefully creating a happier and more beautiful place to squish together.

I dream on…

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  1. you’re doing a fab job and in a life you can afford; we did the move, the extension, and now, knee deep in maternity leave don’t have enough cash to buy the beautiful prints along with that back to work date looming; stick fast, twistings isn’t always as fun as the tempting scandi space suggests 😉

    1. Thank you, I know, the grass isn’t always greener. We’re in the fortunate position to have pretty much no mortgage now, which is great. But I can’t help but think, what if we did have one, like most people our age, what could we have? But my husband prefers to not have the commitment. We’ll see. I hope you enjoy the rest of your maternity leave and also find what you need to continue the house renovations x

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