Giving back.

As plans move forward I’m very excited to share with you all my involvement in the revamp of our local birth centre, Penrice. This is where my first daughter, Nancy, was born over 4 years ago as well as my husband, who wouldn’t be that pleased if I told you how long that was! So it definitely holds a special place in my heart.


Following Nancy’s birth and as a result of the support I received there postnatally, specifically with breastfeeding, I went on to train and then volunteer as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. Part of this role was based at the wonderful feeding clinic at Penrice, helping mothers and babies with the array of complications nature throws at them breastfeeding wise. It was incredibly rewarding to give back and continue the chain of peer to peer support, something that at times can seem quite lacking in our modern communities.

So, here’s a new opportunity for me to give back. It’s going to be quite a challenge for all involved, with many obstacles in the way, both physically and bureaucratically, but it’s a chance to make a huge difference to the birthing experience of many parents to come and that’s just too good to pass up. Here’s what we’re faced with..


This is the main pool room. In addition to this is a smaller birth room, the ward, family room, 2 private postnatal rooms and not forgetting the large corridors that connect them..


No small feat as you can see. Our main focus will be the birthing rooms, but we hope to bring some soul into the rest of the unit in some form or another. I think a Scandi twist is just what is needed, calm, tranquil, uncluttered and inspiring. pixlr_20160222193658409

Dreaming a bit high? Most likely, but there’s no reason why elements of beauty can’t be brought in. The artist and designer Eloise Renouf has magically said she will donate some of her wonderful artwork. Just the injection of colour and pattern needed.

The perfect remedy for dreary walls and a great focus for a birthing mum who needs positive and uplifting images around her.FB_IMG_1456151315368 I will definitely be bringing in some bargain wrapping paper art to help fill space and inject colour. If you haven’t seen it in my previous posts then take a look at my £1.75 art in the kitchen…


This beauty was from Illustrated Living, a local shop, though they do have a website. I’ve also bought some wonderful poster/ wrapping paper from Willow&Stone, another local shop crush but Paperchase and similar bigger highstreet shops quite often have pretty things. love how you can zone a room with blocks of colour and I think this could be the key to making these clinical, cold feeling spaces work. A pale colour will be used predominantly as its easy to maintain and top up when it starts to look grubby. Bits and bobs, machines, sinks, hand wash dispensers are forever being moved, updated and condemned so there are constant changes going on that will need to be kept up with. But there’s no reason why some colour can’t be introduced here and there. pixlr_20160224075012368I had a truly wonderful home birth with my second daughter, Eula, and I’d like to try and recreate the cosy nest feel of my living room in the main birthpool room. Lighting will play a crucial role in creating the right kind of atmosphere. A low, warm glow is so much more peaceful and womblike as opposed to the standard harsh, cold ‘hospital’ feel. pixlr_20160224080207963Bringing forth a soft, cosy, relaxing and inspiring space from a setting that essentially needs to be sterile, practical….TOTALLY WIPEABLE! Wow, this is a challenge for us. But I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share our progress along the way with you.

I have set up a CrowdFunding page in order to get the ball rolling. I will use the funds raised here to buy materials/ specific key items and then donate thos to the unit. Any help with this would be wonderful and much appreciated. Every penny adds up. Please share this blog and the fundraising page and spread the word if you can.

Thank you again x





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  1. Kylie Woods says:

    Just a totally random thought, but what about using vinyl for the coloured zones? Easily applied, easily removed and more importantly, easily cleanable?

    1. Great idea Kylie, but with working around physical obstacles such as sinks, hand sanitiser dispensers etc it would mean a lot of cutting out/ around to fit. Also in long labours people (partners mainly!) get quite bored and I can imagine them starting to pick at an edge and peel! Thank you though. I was thinking about some vinyl affirmations here and there perhaps x

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