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Why am I incapable of doing one thing at a time, starting and finishing a project before steamrolling into the next one. I just can’t help myself though, an idea grabs me and I’m off, pulling things down, rejigging furniture, selling on to fund the next new thing. I think perhaps I’d rather do this than keep poking away at a single project, doing something for the sake of needing an idea as opposed to the excitement when something twigs in your mind and you just have to make it work. If I’m coming up with ideas for someone else’s house it all flows, but there’s something about being in my own space, seeing it daily, that gives me blurred vision.

The kitchen still isn’t finished as I’ve run out of inspiration for the moment, leaving me with a dull and miserable corner that taunts me. But it can wait. Instead I went back to Eula’s room, another part way there project. Last week I returned to an idea I had for the walls at the beginning but initially decided against. Mountains. I knew the wall needed something extra and have facied doing a mountain mural for some time, but as it’s a bit ‘now’ I thought maybe not. Tried some wallstickers, instant regret, but now I’m so happy I went back to my initial plans as it’s perfect.

Here’s some before before pics from when it was a playroom. Darker (bad photography is also to blame), filled with bits and bobs I happened to have spare. Major pattern and colour clash..pixlr_20160229084140506~2

And some during – brighter, seemingly more space but lacking something..

The rise of the mountains..

I had some Valspar Seersucker Suit Grey emulsion left from Nancy’s bedside table, so rather than go through the quite often long and frustrating process of choosing the right shade I just thought sod it and went for it. I used Frogtape to mask out the edges. In the past I’ve just used simple masking tape but I’ve had a few bleeding issues and have heard great things about Frogtape. I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s where we’re at now..IMG_20160229_115750

Don’t you just love the difference a lick of paint can make. The room feels as though it’s doubled in size, though for the record it is in fact 8.5ft X 5.5ft, exc the recess for the door. It’s a blummin tricky space to take a photo in I can tell you, I virtually had to climb out of the window at one point!

Eula is rather pleased with my efforts and spends a lot of time in there dressing up, practising her quite impressive repertoire of facial expressions and other general silliness.IMG_20160229_110127


Here are a few other details..

  • Ikea Renarp wall/ clamp light, £18. I need to fix the cable to the wall as it’s a bit dodgy as is.
  • Habitat Kura lightshade, should have been £30 but after quite a series of unfortunate events at the shop, inc a shattering lightbulb and a snapped floor lamp, the poor stressed sales assistant gave it to me for free!


  • Wire grid noticeboard, which I made myself for about £10. You can see the process here –

The little Llama card, bought from Paperchase, is one of Eula a favourite parts of her room, along with the Rachel Powell Yoko print above her bed. Screenshot_20160229-131453~2

Here are the details of some other bits and pieces around the room…pixlr_20160229130224230_20160229130604904

  1. Rachel Powell Yoko print.
  2. Lucky Boy Sunday house cushion. Now, this one, along with the cloud cushion were bought as gifts for Eula. I’m a little unsure whether they are the genuine article, but you can get the real things from LBS as I just mentioned and RetroKids sell the Ko-ko-ko Kawaii cloud cushion.
  3.  Metoo dolls, both girls have these and they are very special to them. There are lots of stockists, is a British one.
  4. Urban Outfitters Mint Arrow head bedding. I bought this is the sale, along with the same design in coral also. 
  5. Hema throw, bought for a bargainous £4ish in the sale, along with coral and mint also. It’s back up to full price now though. I would love to eventually get the beautiful Ferm Living mustard half moons blanket. But this will do quite ancient for now.
  6. Child’s size Eames style chair, you’re not allowed to see that corner of the room yet as it’s not quite ready!
  7. Habitat Niven side table, perfect height for little people who want to host teaparties or set up a shop.
  8. Finally the little stag’s head I got from B&Q for £1. I repainted it to jazz it up a bit and I’m rather pleased with the end result. Quick, simple and a cute little detail.

Next on my focus list is artwork. I’m thinking Miffy as Eula loves ‘Babbits’, maybe some Eloise Renouf and Helen Dardik as well as a few little Etsy gems. I’ll keep you posted xpixlr_20160229132949867

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