How do you raise strong willed, wild and powerful little women without going slightly mad yourself? I’m not sure you can. On the one hand you want to encourage their big characters, help them explore their own minds, opinions and individuality. But on the other just doing something without questioning why sounds like such a wonderous thing right now! Because, isn’t that reason enough, because I asked you to, why must you wonder why? Why must every request end with why? I feel like I want to ban that word, why. It has a lot to answer for.Screenshot_20160303-151222~2

I grew up with siblings, two older brothers. We got on really well, until we didn’t, then a fight would ensue, we’d clear the air and then just get on with it. Rose tinted glasses perhaps. I guess there was the time they blew up my dolls with French Bangers, or the time my eldest brother peed all over my woodland house. Oh and that time my brother’s friend did a…..no, I won’t share that with you actually, you really don’t need to know!

I may be wrong, you may disagree, but multiples of boys or a mix seems far less complicated, not without their own little challenges and oddities, but right now all girls, to me, are a totally different thunderstorm of emotions and scheming and over thinking.

The shrieking. No one warns you about that. I knew there would be off days, one person would need some space (we’re a bit short on that at home), some time in their own head. No one wants to share and play all the time, I certainly don’t. But no one warned me that these small tornados of emotion would decide to only communicate for hours at a time in sharp, shrill, cutting shrieks that make you want to throw yourself out of the closest window to escape it. I’ve come to realise it’s fine tuned to really get into their own parent’s head, evolution, the same way your own baby’s cry sounds twice as loud and desperate than the other woman’s bundle across the cafe. They know just how to get to us, get into our heads. Screenshot_20160303-151210~2

Some days you may wonder was this really such a good idea? It was all so much easier with just one, wasn’t it? But then you sit down, maybe you’re just tired, you just need a bit of space to breathe, to not be touched. This is all because it’s a tricky day. Another one of those stages that you stick your head down and plough on through. You realise you just read half a magazine and haven’t heard from them in a while, you go out into the world and the ‘Why’s?’ flow freely and you have to search deep into yourself for knowledge you’d forgotten you had and find yourself having a very entertaining conversation about worms and willies and wouldn’t it be great to be a Mummy and a Plumber and an Astronaut?! And really it can’t be that bad when they wake up in the morning and the first person they seek out is each other for a hug and a kiss. Maybe you’re not doing so bad after all.IMG_20160211_180141

But if you could PLEASE just put your shoes on the first time I ask, without a detailed presentation needed on why this would be beneficial to your life, or taking your sister’s shoes off when I turn my back, along with half your clothes, that’s all I ask.

I must go now, someone is shrieking from inside a cupboard.



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