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I’m off for a short notice treat later this afternoon..Screenshot_20160309-130830~2

I only found out about the talk this morning and thought it was all too much hassle to get there, but my lovely Mum has kindly volunteered childcare services, leaving my Dad free to come too. Feels like a school trip or something! 

I currently have Mini Moderns Alice wallpaper in the living room..Screenshot_20160306-194511~2

 but there will be changes in the not so distant future. That’s not to say it isn’t lovely, just that the rest of the room is moving in a different direction.

Their homewares are beautiful and I have been admiring this kettle for quite some time, it would look rather wonderful perched ontop of the woodburner..pixlr_20160309132847421

Their bold colours and patterns make everything they create a stand out piece. Contemporary retro, timeless and just a bit special! I can’t wait to hear more about their inspirations and the thought/ design processes.

If you haven’t already then check out their website –

Our trip to Plymouth also means the small chance of running into Tiger at breakneck speed as we will be cutting it fine anyway. Tiger is one of many stores Cornwall is deprived of, along with Ikea, Hema, H&M…well, just pretty much all shops to be honest! I’ve been coveting several pretties on their Instafeed of late..pixlr_20160309131444289and hope and pray they have some of the new stock in, look how fab. Nancy has been asking for a Cactus for a while and these pots are just perfect for small little green things. I’m a bit obsessed with succulents at the moment but lack little receptacles for them. Fingers and toes crossed for some Tiger luck!

I painted the window surrounds last week, inspired by my new favourite TV show, 100k House. It’s totally changed the feel in the kitchen, where as before the windows looked unfinished and lacking something, now they totally own their nakedness.IMG_20160304_145608IMG_20160304_151654 I never closed the blinds in the old version of the kitchen so when we redecorated I decided they just weren’t needed and I’m pleased with the decision. I’m not the best or anywhere close to being a good cleaner, so less fiddly surfaces to collect dust, the better in my opinion.


Sunday was Mother’s Day and a chance to play florist for my brothers. In my dream world I’d love to be a Interior Designing, Photographer Florist. Sounds about perfect for me, in theory.


New pretties arrived for Eula’s room this morning from Rachel Powell. I love the simplicity and popping colours of her beautiful designs and the children adore them also.IMG_20160309_120215

These lovelies will sit very nicely along side the large Yoko print above Eula’s bed. I’d you haven’t already then check out progress in her room here –

She reminds me of  Saoirse from Song of the Sea, one of the most wonderful children’s films ever made, if you haven’t seen it you really must, even if you don’t have children. The imagery and music is enchanting. Rachel’s work gives you that same warm and wholesome feeling.


Trailer –
Magical Soundtrack –

Right, if I’m not careful I’m going to make myself late and cancel out any Tiger chance I have xx


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