Inspired by Kat Molesworth.

When you’re a mum to young children it’s not everyday you get to fully indulge in your own interests and passions. It’s very much all about them, tailored around their needs, but yesterday was all about me, my interests, meeting inspirational people and just generally filling myself up with good feelings, recharging the adult part of my brain.Inspired with Kat Molesworth.

Ignoring the small details like a 5 hour round trip, or one of us having just worked a nightshift bringing new babies into the world, off we went to Lyme Regis, myself and two lovely, talented friends Cornish Sweet Pea Photography and The Making Life to the Devon Sun Yarns Retreat to meet the fantastic Kat Molesworth.

With a few hours to spare we decided to have an explore of the town and eat some award winning pie! We mooched in a few shops and discovered this beauty called Ryder and Hinks..

A very wonderful mix of home and garden wares, soft furnishings, delicious Ercol pieces and just general dream peddling! We were all rather taken with the hanging seat, sadly my tiny house has nowhere for it, I’ll file that one away for my One day home.

After lunch it was off to the Inspire workshop, hosted by the lovely Daisy from Devon Sun Yarns at The Arched House Lyme Regis, a truly inspiring setting in itself. I only managed a few quick snaps as we were so preoccupied by the fountain of all blogging knowledge that is Kat, but take a look at this place..Inspired by Kat Molesworth

A listed 19th Century Town house, finished to modest, paired back, simple perfection with a definite Scandinavian interiors influence through out. It has certainly inspired me and my next project, the living room. More on that another day though.

The Blogging workshop itself was everything I hoped it would be. Kat was really engaging and oozed the knowledge I was so eager to pick up on. We covered everything from the basics of blogging and WordPress, photographs, recognising your target audience and giving them what they want and just general inspiring ideas on how to grow and become your dream. I was fortunate to meet a group of lovely women, each with their own set of skills and talents, all passionate about sharing this with others. As we drove home we talked about how lovely it is, how good for your soul, to spend time lifting each other up, encouraging and sharing tricks and tips. It creates a real sense of self worth. Our only regret was that we weren’t able to stay for the whole weekend retreat, but it will happen one day, in the not so distant future. I will also DEFINITELY be attending Blogtacular next year, when my small people can spare me!IMG_20160313_084734

I feel like I’ve really found what I love to do, interior design, with a Scandi inspired edge, a mix of budget ideas and more expensive accent pieces, all mixed up with my everyday life and loves here in beautiful Cornwall. I hope this all adds up to making a positive impact on someone’s life, something interesting to read, be it inspiration for a project at home, life with young children and how that can work alongside an interest in design and colour and all things lovely, home improvements, wonderful wild Cornish children and sharing this with you lovely people.

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