Split-personality disorder.

My living room is the victim of several factors, redecorated at a time when my style was going through a period of change, my seemingly unavoidable Magpie eye for colour and the ability to call on my wonderful father, long suffering and very generous with his time and endless skills, in this case wallpapering. It is fast becoming a room with split-personality disorder.

On the one side we have 70s tastic Mini Moderns ‘Alice’ wallpaper. I couldn’t help myself at the time, how often do you share a name with something so vibrant and happy looking?! 

But less than a year later and I just don’t feel it’s me anymore. It’s big, bright and bold, I don’t regret having it, but now I feel the room and my style has changed/ evolved and I’m a long way away from this in your face statement retro throwback.

The other side has changed already, I’ve sold the large out of proportion rectangular mirror and borrowed the Ikea Stockholm one from our bedroom, bought for a bargain on EBay. I also bought the round Ikea Skogsvag which I love. I want to create a wall of mirrors, but it will take a while to find the right collection. The Stockholm looks pretty good fron this angle but from the other way is definitely too big…IMG_20160307_123059


Here’s some of my inspiration…pixlr_20160308184349542

The beautiful wall of mirrors comes from one of my big Instacrushes Binti Home.

The rest of the images show rooms with beautiful personal items displayed skillfully, not too cluttered, each item showing the next one off. Subtle colour, beautiful contemporary design with a Scandi vintage edge. Yes please! Let’s see how well I can do with creating a beautiful grown-up, child friendly scheme on a budget, good luck to me!

Frustratingly all the mirrors I like all seem to be the same size as each other, which won’t do, so the hunt continues. I’ve spied a few lovelies from Maisons Du Monde and have these 2 on the way..

Pictures always make such a difference and I’ve been browsing Etsy and found some interesting screen prints. Links on my Pinterest, which you can find a little further down.wp-1457477048783.jpg

I’m thinking a picture wall above the TV will help to distract attention from the big black screen when it isn’t on and change the focal point away from the electronic parenting device!wp-1457477317649.jpg

We don’t have enough photos of the girls printed and I’d like to include some here I think. But that in itself is a complete mission, to chose just a few, when I have hundreds of beauties.wp-1457478050223.jpg

We already have this Inaluxe Lollies print and I’d love to incorporate the Fine Little Day Up poster. It’s grainy texture lends itself to being viewed from a slight distance, so sat on the sofa looking at the wall opposite with the wood burner could work. I also love this Fine Little Day pretty and my husband would actually agree for once I’m sure.wp-1457478855550.jpg

I’d love the overall feeling in there to be calm, peaceful (2 young children, I can but dream I guess!), interesting and more timeless. A plain base, I’m yet to commit in my mind whether it will be plain white or with some pale grey thrown in, with accessories that can be moved around, swapped in and out, moving with my ever changing mind. I think that is a much more sensible way to go when you’re someone who changes their mind as much as I do. A few changes to accessories and the room would easily morph into something new again.

If you would like to follow my Pinterest board for this project, lots more ideas and products on there, then click here.Split-personality disorder

Pin this image to save and find me again..pixlr_20160317074026732

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  1. Annie says:

    Lovely ideas Alice! I really do love that paper but now you’ve posted the pano I see what you mean about split personality … looking forward to seeing how it progresses!

    1. Yeah, as a photo it works really well Annie, but in reality not so much.

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