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I’ve been asked by quite a few people for more details on the yellow window surrounds in my kitchen, so I thought I’d revisit them today and elaborate for you.IMG_20160321_185913

We don’t have any window dressings in the kitchen as a matter of choice. Previously we’ve had slatted blinds but they gather so much dust and as I’m almost completely allergic to dusting, or most kinds of cleaning if I’m honest, they were just a bit of a curse. We never actually closed them so when I was redesigning the kitchen I thought let’s be rid of them entirely. However, whether it was simply because we have come to expect certain preordained ‘rules’ in design or just the fact that the plastering around the windows wasn’t up to scratch, they just looked unfinished and a bit lacking.img_20160304_145608 I was ignoring this and ploughing forwards with other details, then one night I sat down to watch a favourite programme, 100k House: Tricks of the Trade, and suddenly found inspiration. Coincidentally a similar idea was mentioned on another great TV show I had recorded, Ugly House to Lovely House. Here they used yellow allumninim frames, as opposed to paiting the surround. Obviously a more expensive option, but well worth it if you can afford it. Here is some more inspiration..Sunshine windows, Alice in Scandiland

Doesn’t the blue just pop in that kitchen, beautiful.

When I went to buy paint from B&Q I was disappointed to find they didn’t really have the bright, vivid acid yellow I was after in the Valspar range. But after much comparing and considering I asked the paint guy to mix me a sample of the Bonjour, in order to see it in real life. As expected it wasn’t what I wanted and after finding a sale sign on a shelf, which was much closer to what was in my head, we decided to have a bit of a play and I asked him to add some extra shots of a few pigments to lighten and brighten. We really had no idea how it would turn out but fortunately it was perfect.

I’ve named it Sunshine and you can use the formula above in your local B&Q should you want to achieve the same shade. At about £2.50 for a 236ml sample pot it’s very cheap and quick transformation. One window took approx half a pot for 2 coats and very little time at all to do. It really warms the room, brightens the light and ties the room together. I’m so happy with how this room is turning out, a beautiful vibrant space, uncluttered with lovely bursts of colour and pattern against a calm background. Still far from finished, but already a place of happiness.Sunshine windows, Alice in Scandiland

There is a possible development in the house, I can’t speak it out loud here as I fear it may cause it to not become reality, but all being well, fingers and toes crossed, it would involve this window disappearing. If this doesn’t come to fruition then I may well paint the window sill the same yellow, to frame it completely.pixlr_20160321201754633

I have a lovely Fiddle Fig on the way which will live on the IKEA Frosta stool in the corner, quite possibly in a lovely belly basket. That corner needs some height and interest. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about a plant, now I just need to pray I can keep it alive! I have plans to paint the stool, but I want to wait and see how it all looks once the plant is in place as I don’t want it to all seem too fussy.

So, there we have it, a simple way to brighten a room for a few pounds and add a glowing twist to your home. We could all do with some extra sunshine in our lives I’m sure.

If you haven’t been following me from the start you may have missed my Kitchen progress journey. If you fancy a nosey at what it looked like before then check it out here.

Don’t forget to pin this post to come back to at your leisure. Thanks for popping by xSunshine windows, Alice in Scandiland

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Love this idea! We are having an exstention added onto our lounge and our colour scheme is grey & white with accents of sunflower yellow accessories, I love this! Your house is lovely by the way xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte and it sounds as though it could be a great idea for your extension. Let me know how you get on ❤☀

  2. Abby Fields says:

    This is such a unique idea! Do you think that it would look like too much if the window pop was the same as your cabinet color? I am getting my cabinet refinished and this seems like a potential design move for me.

    1. The great thing is it’s only paint, give it a go. That said, a darker colour can have the opposite effect to the yellow and rather than bounce the light around, it can feel as though it sucks it in.

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