A small Scandi inspired workspace.

Over the past week I’ve been trying to bring some order to all of the projects we have going on in our house, prioritise and perhaps even complete something. The kitchen is forever ongoing, I’m craving the plans for change I have for the living room, the garden room is crying out to be cleared and painted and a beautiful studio born out of the current chaos. But in the back of my mind is a whisper of hope for something else, a new project, a bigger project, a much needed one, but I mustn’t get my hopes up, I really mustn’t…….too late, AN EXTENSION! And with this idea comes a new flood of possibilities, a room filled with light, a part of the garden, room to relax, separate from the children, maybe even a space to write on my soon to arrive shiny new laptop, no more squinting at my phone, swearing as I try to let my mind flow and half of what is written disappears from existence. Never mind all the logistics and practicalities of knocking out the side of your home, I’m filling myself with inspiration for a small contemporary retro/ Scandi inspired workspace. A little hub where I can focus and leave things part done to come back to, rather than having to clear the kitchen table each time someone wants to paint or eat… And eventually, as the girls grow older, a place for them to work on homework…

So here are some cherry picked ideas, curtosy of Pinterest, for utilising a small space with style and creativity, proving there’s no need for an entirely separate office/ study if you don’t have the room.


The key is the desk, be it wall mounted or freestanding, it takes up no more space than is needed, stands there proud and beautiful and becomes a positive feature in the room, not an unfortunate afterthought in the corner.

I’m thinking of making something similar to our kitchen table, using veneered ply and hairpin legs as a stylish budget option. I guesstimate it would cost approx £65..IMG_20160122_134408 you can check it out in more detail here.

I have also been looking at what options are available to buy online and there are some real beauties. Here are just a few as an example of what money can buy..A small Scandi work space, Alice in Scandiland1. Industrial style reclaimed wood, beautiful turquoise powder coated frame, £180 from Etsy

2. Oak Jakob desk, £199, from M&S

3. Edelweiss desk, £299 from Made.com 

4. Cato desk, £125 from Habitat

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