Art by Eloise Renouf


I received some exciting post from Eloise Renouf at the end of last week but have only just found the time to open it up. It’s pretty fraught here today, with two very unhappy, unfriendly little girls, so this was some much needed beauty on a grey morning.Art by Elouise Renouf

Here are some close ups to enjoy…

And here is my favourite and I think I *need* it for the living room, I love the subtle patterns, the colours sit beautifully together..Art by Eloise Renouf

But all these pretties are destined for Penrice Birth Centre, where I am a part of a rejuvenation project to bring some life and colour back to the birth experience of those using the unit. Such a kind donation by Eloise has and will mean a lot to many for quite some time to come, once they are hung I will post some more pictures, I’m very excited to see them up on the walls, framed. Hopefully I will be popping into Ikea next weekend at breakneck speed to get some Ribba frames, bought with the kind donations on the Crowdfunding page I set up. Before that I need to contact CF and finf out why they have taken nearly 50% of what was raised, but lets not allow that to spoil the mood.

You can see and read more about the Birth Centre project here.

I’ve loved Eloise’s work ever since I found her Passing Clouds fabric, which I used to make the bedding in Nancy’s room. I spent quite a bit of time searching for the perfect pattern and colour and once I saw this I knew it was the one. Nancy was very very happy with my choice.

Art by Eloise Renouf

I’m going to sit here now and hope this sisterly love continues throughout the rest of the day, I’ve resorted to confining the girls to the bath in the hope it will minimise the damage they can cause to the house, it’s working…for now!

Art by Eloise Renouf

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