Country girl, Urban art.

Yesterday I drove up to Bristol to visit my biggest brother and take him some home cooked meals for his freezer. He’s currently studying for his Surveyor’s Chartership and working constantly through the week, so my mum and I thought he deserved some home from home comforts.

He lives in the wonderfully bohemian village-like area of Montpelier, a part of Bristol I have briefly driven through before but never really opened my eyes to. I still didn’t have time to have a proper wander around, but I managed to get a few snaps of some inspiring buildings and wonderful urban art. I thought I’d share them with you. I plan on another visit later in the month with my youngest Eula. Perhaps we will stay over and indulge in some of the local cafes, bakeries and all the lovely things on offer. This country girl loves a brief dose of city life, but I’m always happy to get home again after.

Country girl, urban art. Alice in Scandiland

Country girl, urban art. Alice in ScandilandI am in love with this garage, which is right opposite my brother’s flat. An urban art installation in the most unlikely of places, the blue just makes it pop out and demands attention. Garages are usually such mundane, perfunctory eyesaws, but here it’s a feature to be proud of. It seems to be a work in progress, which adds to it’s appeal I think. I hope it stays this way, such a grungy juxtaposition to it’s traditional surroundings…Country girl, urban art. Alice in Scandiland

We ate at Zaza Bazaar, down by the canal, a restaurant in the style of an indoor food market, a total feast for the senses..Country girl, urban art. Alice in Scandiland


Country girl, urban art. Alice in ScandilandCountry girl, urban art. Alice in Scandiland

We also squeezed in a mad dash around Ikea, a rare treat for a girl from Cornwall and I am super excited to have the frames needed to get the Eloise Renouf prints ready for the Penrice Birth Centre project, more on that here. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the fact I saw possibly THE most cultured Squirrel ever to walk the planet, up a tree, having a lazy Sunday morning, casually eating a croissant up a tree!

So there we have it, my little urban adventure in pictures.

Happy Monday xx

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