Home is where my heart is. Small house, big changes.


I’ve been feeling a little lacking of late, lacking enthusiasm and inspiration, lacking motivation and excitement. My mind has been rather preoccupied with thoughts that have been stressful and full of possible but realistically false hope. A little while ago we decided we would look into the costs of extending. I am stuck in a love/ hate relationship with our house, love the changes we have made to it this past year or so, hate the size. Love that it’s filled with light all day, hate that I don’t have somewhere downstairs I can go and sit, away from the children, the tv, to be an adult for a little while, maybe read a book, but not have to sit at the kitchen table or in my bedroom. Love the proximity to the School I hope the girls will attend and there’s no denying we have one of the better houses in this area, but there are many aspects I still struggle with and am perfectly aware that it all makes me sound like a spoilt brat. We are still waiting for quotes for the building work and in that time the idea of  moving came up and the took over and off my mind races with all the possibilities. We’ve trawled the internet, had the house valued, driven around and chosen areas that appeal, visited a house that on paper looked like ‘the one’ but the reality was quite different. It’s amazing what a few light filters on a photo can do, but when you unknowingly step into a cave rather than a light filled period property I would say they have set themselves up for a fall. Disappointed, home we came, stepped into our house and what are you greeted with once you close the front door? Light, light everywhere, pouring in, filling it up and there is no denying this is something to value. So we have shelved plans to move and will focus on making what we do have better, tailored to us. Maybe this will satisfy my need for change, I genuinely hope so as we could lead a completely different life it we had more financial freedom. But if there are still niggles in years to come we will be in a better position to make that forever house move.

I hope now we have been through this process the inspiration for this little light and colour filled home will return and I can crack on with all my previously planned ideas. Fingers crossed for a happy quote at the end of the week. We have after all come quite far…

When I was about 8 months pregnant with my second daughter, Eula, the nesting instinct set in and I reduced our belongings by about 60%. I hadn’t ever heard of Kon Marie, I just went with my instinct, we have a small house that was feeling increasingly cluttered and crowded. We couldn’t get rid of people!..so we’ll have to get rid of the ‘stuff’ and I can tell you now it has been one of the most therapeutic processes in my life to date. I thought I needed it, these things, but in reality it was dragging me down, depressing me, making it impossible to clean and tidy, something I struggle with anyway. I blamed having children, the crap that comes with that new chapter, but actually the majority of it was things that predated my babies. But still, they are partly to blame!Home is where my heart is. Alice in Scandiland

But do you know what? We are the ones that buy it for them, rarely have my 4 and 2 year old asked for new things, more this, more that and as I started to whittle away and reduce the levels of toys and books and everything else that was choking up our lives the children started playing better, spending more time on one object, investigating it’s full potential, rather than casting it aside quickly, goldfish attention span style and moving on to the next shelf of rubbish, which they would clear with one foul swoop and then run off to continue the destruction elsewhere. People often comment about the lack of toys in our house, mostly those seeing photos (don’t believe everything you see, photos are what we want you to see!) and the truth is yes they have a lot less compared to many, but I don’t think it has a negative impact on their childhood, quite the opposite in fact.

Home is where my heart is. Alice in Scandiland

Home is where my heart is. Alice in Scandiland


Home is where my heart is. Alice in ScandilandThe biggest transformation is by far the kitchen and I’ll keep banging on about it because I’m so pleased with what we have achieved so far, on so little. Not including accessorise I would say we’ve spent a little over £1,500 but the result looks like far more than that, well in my opinion anyway. We have less but better quality and every single thing has a purpose and makes me/ us happy. Here’s a post from when I had just started my blog, but we have moved forward since then so I’ll share some updated pics..



Picture overload! But I like to keep a record of where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s also lovely to show others what you can achieve on a small budget, with time and planning you really can improve your living space and in turn your quality of life. Getting it all down here has really made me see staying put is best for us all right now. There are changes that can be made for a lot less money than moving, involving a lot less work also. I’m excited to get started on the next stages.

Thank you for popping by x Home is where my heart is. Small house, big change. Alice in Scandiland

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