Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired plan.

I am forever looking forwards, towards the next step in our house, one idea leads to another and my mind gets completely carried away. But I think it’s this forethought that is helping me visualise everything as a whole, how can you make decisions about an extension and it’s layout without considering what your view will be. The idea is to pull the garden into the house, have a room that in part opens up so the flow between inside and out is fluid and so the outer space is as important as what is going on inside.

I’ve been looking at inspiration and I thought I would share it with you. Let me make one thing very clear right now, I am in no way a gardener. I like things that take care of themselves, my favourite plants in the garden are the ones that have taken it upon themselves to grow where they are, ferns. They do their own thing, spread and fill the garden with a beautiful vivid green for a good part of the year and need absolutely zero attention, perfect. But I want to be better at it and the more enthusiastic I m about the design then I think the rest will follow suit.

Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland.

I love the contrast this dark fence creates here, it really brings out the vivid greens and makes the paler shades of the gravel and wood glow.Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

I think grasses are beautiful in their apparent simplicity and the way they move in the breeze. In my mind they won’t be too difficult to keep alive and pots will help organise and create a sense of order which is what I crave. A little bit more control would be good as I am certainly not in control of the current garden!

Isn’t the moss filling the gaps in this paving just lovely, how likely it is that this is something we could fit in I’m not sure, though it could be a great idea for the rather lacking piece of grass out the front of the house. So simple, in theory, but so effective and inviting, I just want to have a little feel with my hand, I’m sure the girls would love it too. It also helps with on of my serious downfalls, weeding. It just isn’t on my radar, though perhaps if the garden becomes an extension of the house I will want to give it a once over now and then.

Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

We have a lovely woodburner in the living room and as a result there are several wood stores in the garden which I think are beautiful in their own right and form the backdrop to many of my family snap shots over the years. The children are fascinated by the bugs that make their homes there, I find it amazing and love to watch how the wood changes colour through the year as it seasons. I would also love to bring in elements of some of our favourite places out and about such as Caerhays beach and this beautiful railway sleeper sea defence. Wood is such an attractive, tactile and natural material and will feature heavily in the form of fencing, decking (which we will partly recycle as the current deck will be where the new extension is), wood stores and the garden studio/ playhouse my husband built me and the girls..Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

Wood panelling mixed with stone/ brick and other textures looks beautiful and helps add interest and draws you eye off in different directions. We currently have a drystone type wall which I fear is mostly being kept together by the mountains of brambles growing atop it, which do produce a wonderful harvest of blackberries, but the time is coming for them to be tamed and we will need to find another way of creating the privacy they currently give us. The girl’s mud kitchen, another of my husband’s makes, is one of the most used parts of the garden and will stay and fit quite nicely.Garden design, a contemporary Scandi inspired makeover. Alice in Scandiland

A very important detail for me is to create an evening/ night time atmosphere. The extension will have a predominantly glass roof and how wonderful would it be to sit in there at night, the lights down low and to see the garden glowing outside. It also helps with my romantic visions of sipping Prosecco with my friends on warm Summer evenings, but I think I’m too much of a realist really, I live in the UK, how many warm, dry evenings do we actually have?!

As ever the budget will be tight, verging on non-existent once all the pennies have gone into the building but I am confident we can make quite a difference to the space with a bit of thought and a lot of repurposing and recycling of materials. I’m very excited about what’s to come this year, things are looking very good.

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