Birthdays, beer and Burritos…


Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland

Today my lovely husband celebrates turning 40 and we threw him a little gathering of close family and friends for lunch at Gilmore’s Golf, one of those little under the radar, slightly rough round the edges, gem of a place. Amazing, fresh and vibrant Mexican food, Stu’s favourite beer on tap (happy coincidence), super friendly lovely staff and a setting that makes you feel like you’re on a great holiday, relaxing in the sun (which really did shine), a total make yourself at home kind of place, perfect for the birthday of a man who hates going out to eat and generally tries to avoid most social occasions!

Greeted by a 70’s tastic soundtrack and a big smile I knew we’d come to the right place. The girl’s quickly acquainted themselves with the Crazy Golf course right outside, which entertained them for the majority of the afternoon and we looked forward to the food that the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen belonged to, and we weren’t disappointed… pixlr_20160508171732228pixlr_20160508171614119

We got so carried away with tucking into the feast that I *may* have forgotten to take many shots of the food, so I’ve borrowed a few from their Instagram, but it really was exactly like this. Beautifully fresh, we went for the £13 per head option and they bring out pretty much all of the menu which was perfect, a mix of meat and veggie dishes, salads, burritos, pea taco things that just screamed Spring and health and wholesome. I did manage to take this picture before they all disappeared in an instant..Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland

And check out the beautiful décor, a wonderful mashup of Mexican/Scandi/ Industrial/ Retro loveliness, a really inspiring and clever use of what is essentially a pretty small space..


Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland

It was rather ironic that Stu and I had been having a ‘discussion’ about plywood floors only this morning, as I want to do the entire ground floor using this when we extend, Stu wasn’t sure as I think he was struggling to picture it, and then in we walk to a perfect example of how it just works. Simple, economical, striking, low maintenance, Stu is completely on-board now and I can’t wait to get started.

Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland

I’m also wondering what room I can paint black after seeing how well it contrasts with the light golden ply. I think that would be a step too far for Stu though, even with a few Estrellas working in my favour!Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland For the cake I made a chocolate fudge type base, layered with fresh cream and Biscoff spread, if you haven’t tried Biscoff spread then you haven’t fully lived yet, get some and hopefully you’ll have more willpower when it comes to rationing! I like the crunchy one in a cake for the contrast of texture. I topped it with lashings of Nutella.

Nancy described the cake as ‘really very very really delicious’, so that’s all the approval I need.

Birthdays, beer and Burritos. Alice in Scandiland

I love the vibrant in your face paint job on the outside of the building, why be shy and retiring when you can be bright and loud and different. I think that sums up Gilmore’s really, I can’t wait to go back, perhaps without the girls, so I can partake in a few of the wonderful looking Cocktails on offer, a firm favourite venue for us now I’m sure, super family friendly if you need it to be, or perfect for a big people’s gathering day or night.

Everyone’s exhausted and a little overtired now so I’m hoping an early night for the little people and a cuppa and film for the big ones this evening is on the cards.

I feel all full up on good food, good company and good times now, a great birthday treat for Stu and us all.

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