Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

The sitting room has been an ongoing project for quite some time now, tweaks here and there but I’ve been swinging between other projects, gradually deconstructing the room it was before but not necessarily adding back in anything that shows the room I want it to become. But real progress has been made recently and I’m excited to share it with you.

Lets start by going back in time, firstly with about 4 years ago, to a room full of stuff, things I loved at the time and wanted around me. My husband built me the shelves that housed the books I once had time to read and reread, little trinkets and bits and pieces I liked to look at, the woven wraps I carried my babies in. But then all of a sudden I needed change. Flash forwards to a little less than a year ago..

Out went the shelves and bits and pieces, but even then things weren’t quite right. I rushed into some big decisions and the room didn’t feel like me. So a few weeks ago I painted over the wallpaper, bringing the room back to a blank canvas.Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

The woodburner has again become the feature of this side of the room, everything feels a lot calmer and brighter. I will be tiling behind the fire in the not so distant future, just simple white tiles I think, so as not to detract in any way, just subtly frame.

But things still weren’t quite as I wanted, something was missing, the room felt lacking in some way, perhaps a bit stark. But not any longer!Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

I suddenly had the urge to introduce a blush tone to the room and from idea to reality took less than an afternoon. Off to B&Q I went, suddenly confronted with more shades of pink than I had prepared myself for, I stood for quite some time outside the store, armed with an array of Valspar colour cards, texting photos to a helpful friend before I decided on 3 to take home to test.

Even at this point I could see how lovely the end result would be, the contrast with the turquoise of my Gran’s reupholstered chair is wonderful.Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

The process of trying a few shades in situ is really worth doing, illustrated here by what would have been my initial choice of colour in the shop, A – Valspar Strawberry Milkshake. It turned out to be much darker than expected and instantly a no. C was Valspar Dolled Up, a nice shade but B, Valspar Fresh Petal, shone through as the winner and back I popped to B&Q for a larger tin so I could crack on.

Within an hour the room was transformed.Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.


I have several Inaluxe prints around the house and the one in here, ‘Mixed Lollies’, was the first that I bought. It looks very much at home beside the beautiful blush wall. Click on the picture below to link to where you can buy.Beautiful blush, Alice in Scandiland

As always Pinterest came in very handy for ideas and inspiration, here are just a few of the images I have found, some are pinned on my Living room update board. My husband’s reaction to the change was that it ‘looks like a public toilet’, but I’m sure it will grow on him and I don’t take this as a criticism, in fact I’m quite interested to know which public toilets he’s been frequenting as it sounds like I need to visit them!  See below for a very delicious blush bathroom, perhaps they have also been getting inspiration on Pinterest!

Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

The contrast between blush with wood and metal tones such as gold and copper is beautiful and adds a level of richness, quality, without necessarily needing to cost a lot.

The fine details of the room are nowhere near finished at this stage, for example I’ve borrowed the IKEA Stockholm mirror from our bedroom for the time being, until I find ‘the one’. The carpet, damaged in places, will hopefully become plywood flooring, like the plan for the rest of the ground floor. The woodburner side needs some carefully thought through accents of colour, to pull the room together and I have a few ideas for this. One being a beautiful custom made PomPom hoop from A little ray of crochet to possibly go above the TV, how cute is this…

Beautiful blush, Alice in Scandiland

More pictures are needed but for now I have temporarily framed some wallpaper samples I had lying around, to lift the blush walls and continue the beautiful turquoise contrast. The larger is by Sian Elin, a Wales based British designer who’s textiles and wallpaper really captures contemporary Scandinavian style. Go check her out, totally beautiful.Alice in Scandiland

I love this Flock of Birds print, by BobbiePrint too. It’s on the Want List, an ever growing list that taunts me and distracts me when I should be focussing on the Need List really!

Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

Details from around the room, 1. Habitat Kura Lightshade 2. M&S cushion, bought a few years ago, 3. Habitat Pennie cushion and a TK Maxx find 4. Pink/ coral TK Maxx cushion and a surprising Asda find 5. Habitat Niven side table, no longer avai. 6. TK Maxx concrete pots.Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.

Right, I’m off to playgroup with the girls now for a stay and play session, Eula will hopefully be starting there in September, so I’ll have 2 or so days to myself each week, which is very exciting. But more on that another day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my progress report, more to come I’m sure. Work on our extension should be starting in early June, much more exactingness is coming my way, yay for me!

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Beautiful blush, bringing colour to a room without wow.


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