Scandi inspired kids room, Eula’s small space updated.

I posted about Eula’s room a few months back now but there have been some additions and changes so I want to update here, so I have it all in one place. I just love how her tiny space has come together and how a room I barely considered an actual bedroom due to it’s size, has become one of the highlights of the house for me. Small spaces, utilised well, can be just as much a stand out piece of interior design as much as a lovely kitchen or living room.

I’ve been searching for the perfect bedside table since the ideas for this room started forming in my head. Limited by space, made worse by the proximity of the bed to the door way, I was conscious I didn’t want to put in obstacles that felt like you needed to make your way around them, in order to get into bed or cross the room. Small spaces don’t work when they feel cluttered or if the scale of the furniture is wrong. So when Dotcom Gift Shop sent me this little Fifties inspired metal and wood stool I was so happy to know the search was over, it fits perfectly.

It’s very stable and slots neatly into the corner by Eula’s IKEA Minnen bed, a bed that both girls have and we are so happy with, they look lovely and appear to be very comfy for little people, though as they are currently on their smallest setting perhaps a little less so for those of us over 4ft! IKEA have changed the style now, going with a more Art Deco inspired shape on the sides, but it’s still a great bed for kids rooms, be them big or little.

As I have said many times before, our house isn’t huge, but I really am finding the love for it, especially in the last half a year, with a brief need to sell and move on, but those thoughts are long forgotten now. What I have discovered to be a great trick for limited space is having pieces of furniture that are multifunctional and this choice of stool come side table come plant stand come emergency extra seating is the ultimate example of this. Everything I buy needs to justify it’s existence when it comes into the house, I used to have a lot of ‘things’ that were just inanimate objects, but not as much these days and it makes for a better quality of living for us.

I will definitely be getting a few more of these to use in the extension once built, they come in red and ivory, in addition to this lovely classic pale blue, but I fancy changing them up with some spray paint, as is my usual way!

This photo of Eula makes her look so grown up, I could cry a little.

Rachel Powell features a fair bit around the room with her beautiful artwork, I just love the bright, happy, bold colours and friendly little characters, as does Eula. The large Yoko above the bed was my first purchase but the collection is growing..Scandi inspired kids room, Eula's small space updated.

I get quite a few complimentary comments about the copper pipe clothes rail, an idea I had and one that my Plumber brother brought into realty. It’s very stable and perfect for displaying the girl’s favourite past time, fancy dress, in a practical but equally as important, visually pleasing way. The concept can easily be scaled up for an adult’s bedroom/ wardrobe. I am toying with the idea of making some to sell.Scandi inspired kids room, Eula's small space updated.

The artwork on the opposite wall is interchangeable, thanks to the brilliant magnetic poster hanger, bought from Ebay. Currently she has the ‘Buffaflys’ poster, bought from a beautiful local shop, Illustrated Living but also available from Dotcom Gift Shop. Previously Eula has also had a lovely garden birds poster, again bought from Illustrated Living. We like to change things up every so often. Technically it’s gift wrap, but it deserves to be on display with such lovely detail. There’s more on some of the other details around the room, such as the grid noticeboard that I made, the colour of the paint used for the mountain mural and product details on my previous blog posts Eula’s Room and Just call me Banksy.

Here’s an idea of before, I do like a good before and after comparison!Scandi inspired kids room, Eula's small space updated.

This is a very difficult room to take photos in, you can’t get far enough away from things to fit it all in but I’ve done my best. As with all of our house this room will continue to change over time, there will always be slightly unfinished aspects, things I’d like to tweak, that’s just my nature, but I’m very happy with where we are at now.

Eula loves this little sanctuary and really that’s the whole point isn’t it. Scandi inspired kids room, Eula's small space updated.

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