Half term hang out.

It’s half term and the week has been long and short and lovely and irksome all in one.
I thought I’d stop by quickly and let you know what we’ve been up to. I’m sorry this is just a quick half update but I’m feeling quite distracted from blogging at the moment and I’m just going with it for the time being. I’m getting things done in the real world and building up to some better sharing for you.

The weather has been fantastic, a much appreciated boost to moral, Nancy has benefitted from some more home time, the past 2 weeks or more we have had hourly tears and tempers and sisterly run ins. I fear what will come when she starts fulltime school in September, an event that seems far too close for comfort now, though she asks almost every day when it will it be time for “Big Girls School?” She has grown an incredible amount in the past 4 weeks, so she really must be exhausted.



An afternoon at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, one of our fave hangouts, joining in with their wonderful Wild Week was a great way to reconnect, release some tensions and just let Nancy be Nancy.

Last weekend I created flowers for a lovely wedding, I’ll share some more pics very soon as I’m really quite proud of the pretties..


I’ve FINALLY created a blank canvas in my garden room, painting recycled pallet wood is not fun, I assure you. In fact it’s a total bitch!



I’ll share in more detail very soon, I have a few lovely bits on the way and bought some beautiful birch faced ply to make a desk. I’ve been trying to also tackle the clutter that has taken over the house in the last month or so, it just keeps breeding! A carboot a few weeks back got rid of a large amount, it was nice to see the back of it and also to raise some funds to reinvest in the house, like these delicious Muuto Designs dot wall hooks which have filled a ‘something’s not quite right’ spot in the kitchen..


Eventually the heater will move from here.

With the wonderful weather has come some beautiful evening skies and I’ll leave you with a snap I took from the bedroom window a few nights ago xx


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