For the love of flowers.

When I was asked a few months ago could I do the flowers for a wedding my thought process went like this – ooooh lovely, exciting, slight panic, a bit more panicky then the weight of the responsibility and pressure really hit after I had said yes. I’ve dabbled in amateur floristry, I love flowers and the endless combinations you can create with them. Mothers Days, birthdays, any opportunity I can get I will throw a bouquet together for a loved one, but those days aren’t THE day are they and my family aren’t exactly going to tell me if I hadn’t done a good enough job! But I was reassured that my style, which could be called Supermarket make it up as you go along, was just what they were after and it would only be for the Bridal party, not table decorations. 4 Bridesmaids, a flower girl, 4 button holes and the Bride’s bouquet…..the slight panic feeling was mounting again!

But then I had to remind myself that I had actually done this before, I did the table flowers for our wedding, I really wish I’d done all the flowers as that would have saved me the drama the morning of the day itself, turning up at the Florist, en route to the hairdressers, to be greeted not by the ‘small and dainty band of flowers for my hair’ that I had requested, but instead an almost exact copy of the giant thing Duckface sported in Four Weddings and a Funeral and a bouquet of half dead looking flowers, not the best start at all, but I’m pleased to say we made good a bad situation, narrowly avoiding this –


and instead having a totally wonderful day…

I also did the flowers for my Brother and Sister in law’s wedding and really enjoyed creating something for people I care very much about.

All the flowers I buy from the supermarket, to save some money but with no clue of what colours and types we will get until the day we turn up, a game of flower roulette, which so far has paid off.

The most recent arrangements I have done are perhaps my favourite yet. Imagine strolling through a beautiful wild country garden, gathering up what ever you come across, a wonderful mix and match of sizes and colours and you get an a good idea of what I made for her.

I’d love to share some of the pictures I took as I worked…

For the love of flowers. Alice in Scandiland

For the love of flowers. Alice in Scandiland

The only request I had was that I use Royal Blue ribbon and I am just so happy I found flowers that fitted so well with this colour scheme.

I couldn’t tell you the names of many flowers, I couldn’t tell you very much about them at all to be honest, but I know what I like and I think I know what looks good together and I’m so happy I created something that added to a lovely ladies special day, what a gift that is, she looked totally beautiful.

Thanks for popping by xx

Post update to share some lovely photos of Maria and her family ❤

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  1. shmccarney says:

    Alice these are lovely, I did my own wedding flowers and played flower roulette too, but they really worked!.

    1. Thank you so much and well done you too, it’s lovely to really be involved isn’t it. ❤

  2. CornishDoula says:

    What beautiful flower displays Alice <3 you have a real talent for color and shape x

    1. Thank you lovely ❤😘😘

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