Sundays are for rest, OR pulling things apart.

My day started with little motivation, the rain has dampened my spirits the past few days and with Stu at work and two mardy little ladies Sunday was looking pretty bleak. Hiding in my She Shed with a cup of tea seemed like the best option.


But, in reality moments like these are fleeting, I was found, breakfast requests started flying in, tea was spilt, the day had really begun.
After refuelling to a satisfactory level, which seems to be more about feeding the floor and surrounding walls than actual consumption of food, off the girls have gone to ride their bikes in the rain, still in their PJs.
I’ve now had the genius idea of pulling the kitchen apart, clearing the work surfaces and finally oiling the splashback, a job I’ve been meaning to get around to for about 8 months!





So, this is what the next few hours are looking like, just as soon as I’ve settled the bike bell politics, finished this cup of tea, made some more food for the troops oh and procrastinated even more by writing about it here! My hope is this has committed me to getting a result to show you, in reality I’m going to be living with this for weeks now aren’t I?!
Sundays are for rest, OR pulling things apart if you’re me.
Don’t worry, I know I have issues.


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