The anticipation of a dream come true.

It’s raining, the sun has run away, I fear we may have had our quota for the year but I’m ploughing on with jobs in the house instead, there are so many decisions to make before work commences on the extension in a few short weeks and one thing leads to another, to something else and basically it has all snowballed. What type of flooring, this then means we need a new front door – such a shame, NOT! But what colour, what style, wood? Light fittings need to be bought, how many? where will they go? I’ve been trying to picture an imaginary room that I still don’t believe is going to be real, could I be so lucky as to get one of my biggest wishes? I’m afraid I’ll wake up soon and it will all have just been a cruel dream. I have ordered lights though, I can tick that one off the list.

Here’s an idea of what we’re aiming for, the left is borrowed from Pinterest, which is kind of similar inside and out, aside from the right hand solid wall, the right pic is a basic CAD mock up of our plans.

Anticipation, not long to wait for a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland

Lets be realistic here, we won’t be winning any architectural awards or featuring on Grand Designs, we had to factor in the ceiling value of our property as well as what we could afford to give to the project, but I’m confident we will gain a much needed extra room for the ground floor, so our little family can breath out, spread out and get a little distance from each other when needed. The amount of glazing was important as our ground floor is flooded with light morning till night and the last thing we want to do is reduce this, spending a fair bit of money and actually then destroying the best thing about the house. I also want to keep the close connection with the garden, a kind of outside inside room, on lovely days open on 2 sides, free flowing, on wet or cold days a kind of half way between in and out.

This all sounds lovely doesn’t it? But first we’re back to the decisions, my whirling brain is both enjoying and rebelling against the process, I need to write more lists, order the disorder as my attention span is reducing by the day. I have become intrigued by those who use Bullet Journals and when I have 10 minutes spare I’m going to explore this more, I’ll add it to my list!

One thing I had no trouble deciding on was this absolute beauty..

Anticipation, not long to wait for a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland

Anticipation, not long to wait for a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland

I pinned the image below several years ago but never dreamt I would one day own my a blonde Ercol daybed. I can’t stop looking at it! Unlike the below image I definitely prefer them without the extra cushions. It’s currently a little bit squished into the living room, but will be the main piece of furniture in the Glass Room…Garden Room? I need to come up with a name for it don’t I. I bought it on Ebay and had it couriered from London where it had had to be taken out of a top floor flat through the window on the previous owner’s moving day. I was a little nervous for it’s well being when I was told this.

Anticipation, not long to wait for a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland

Stu is usually a little unimpressed with most of my purchases, but he is as thrilled with this as I am, at 6ft1 he can lie stretched out comfortably on it and apparently has plans for some serious nap action once the extension is done, I have other plans for him…..the garden!

Yesterday I reworked the kitchen table so that it will suit the room better once the end window is knocked through, becoming a double width opening through to the extension. It was long and narrow, a good use of this end of the room, at the time, but it would be an awkward obstacle to walk around soon, so action was needed. A very simple change of top, Birch Ply bought from Jewsons, I had it cut to size there in their Sawmill, they charge £1 per cut so definitely worth it, home I went, unscrewed the legs, attach the new top (130 x 95cm) and done. Well almost, there’s also the sanding of the edges (I’ve skipped this for the time being and will come back to it once I can borrow my Dad’s Black&Decker Mouse) and the 3 layers of Osmo Top Oil to apply, I’ve done 2 so far, 8 hours to wait in between each coat. Before…

Anticipation, not long to wait for a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland


The anticipation of a dream come true.. Alice in Scandiland

I love the new shape and the lighter Birch coloured wood. The sun streams in this end of the room in the afternoon/ evening and as you can see it literally radiates off the table top, filling the Kitchen with even more happiness.

You can see more of the making process for the previous version of the table on my blog posts Commitment to the cause and Just call me Banksy. I may also be making one or two tables, very similar to this, to sell, so if you are interested then please let me know and we can work something out.

As I have been typing this the Postman has just been with several packages containing the lights I ended up chosing…here is one  in action on a friend’s wall, as I originally found and suggested them to her…The anticipation of a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland

Simple, industrial, I think they will be perfect.

I hope your week is going well.

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The anticipation of a dream come true. Alice in Scandiland


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