Changing rooms or Shaming rooms?

Some may call this a rant, I prefer to call it a release…

Changings rooms? Shaming rooms more like. I do not appreciate being shoehorned into a space so small when I bend over my rear end pops out of the curtain for all to see. I do not appreciate your silly inadequate hooks, incapable of holding the 3 sizes of everything I was forced to bring with me because this shop’s idea of what my size is, translated into material, quite honestly astounds me. It’s like pot luck, some cruel game designed to lower your self esteem further, I’m sure someone is watching and laughing as the garment gets closer to your body and visibly, inexplicably, shrinks, until the slouchy gypsy top I first picked up has become no more than a pocket hankie.

I do not appreciate your mocking posters, as I undress myself it is bad enough having to look at my odd, ill-fitting undies from 3 whole new angles, but to then be surrounded by bronzed beauties, cavorting on some desert island, cocktail in hand, apparently having the time of their life, taunting me with their lump and bump free bodies, attractively dusted with golden sand, the closest I have come to this in recent years was a few weeks back, on a windy Cornish beach, looking considerably less bronzed, when one of my lovely girls came and dumped their bucket of wet, sloppy sand onto my stomach, just as I had finally relaxed, found a position I was reasonably comfortable in and feeling the least whale like as was possible, given the binge eating crap cycle I seem to be stuck in at the moment. I bet they won’t be using that image for their next summer campaign!

I do not appreciate the music, whilst I am bending over to do up my sandal, residing myself to the fact this was yet another miserable waste of time, that they only make clothes for that other kind of person, the one you are not, I do not want some American twit telling me to ‘work my ass’ or asking me to ‘slide up and down’ their body because I’m ‘worth it’. I’m worth a lot more than you will ever know mate and I HAVE been working my ass off, running after 2 small people who have more demands than any superstar rapper could ever dream up, I work it every day, 24/7.

To finish it all off, as I emerge from the miniature upright coffin, sweating, laden down with my failed purchases, I am greeted by a girl who looks at me as though I’m on day release from some secure unit, a mixture of sympathy, fear and relief that she is not me, taking the mountain of clothes from me whilst commiserating that ‘NONE of them right then sweety?’ Head cocking to the side as she looks me up and down.

No they fucking aren’t and your changing rooms suck and off I go, reassuring myself that it’s ok, my children will think it’s quite cool when Mummy starts wearing bin liners for clothing.

Changing room, Shaming room. Alice in Scandiland

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  1. CornishDoula says:

    My heart goes out to you. This is my usual experience! Frustrating and stressful, almost always ending in sad defeat!
    Alice you have written about a crappy shopping experience in the most brilliant of eloquence!
    You are a shining star of wonder, humor and gorgeousness <3

    1. Hahaha, I wouldn’t go that far but thank you lovely 😆😆 I really should stop trying on clothes until I lose some weight. I’m never going to see in the mirror what I want to until I get fit

  2. Charlie James says:

    Great piece Alice. Think you’ve hit the nail on the head!

    1. Hahaha thank you Charlie, it felt good to get it out!

  3. freiyamunroe says:

    Really touched my heart here, have been feeling this way for so long around my tiny friends, thank you x

    1. Lots of love to you lovely, we are who we are, we can’t be someone else so lets get on with enjoying ourselves ❤❤

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