Facebook 1000 Giveaway.


Wow, I can’t believe I’ve reached over 1000 likes/ followers on Facebook in such a short amount of time, thank you everyone who shows me some love over there, I really enjoy the opportunity to share and hear people’s opinions, as well have a good old chat.

To show you all how much I love you and how much I appreciate your support I thought a giveaway was in order, this time I’ve taken it up a level and there are more goodies for you lovely people.

You could be in with the chance of winning all of this…

Here are the prizes in more detail –

My Mind’s Eye Tassel banner, 12 tassles, 9ft long – Eula has this but in a different colourway in her bedroom, perfect for kids or grownups, lovely for parties and special occasions.

Hanging ceramic pot with leather cord (not inc my Boston Fern)

Butterflies poster, 70×50

Tiger wire house shelf

Jane Foster fox mug

Fine Little Day Pirum Parum poster, 50×70. This has very kindly been donated by Suzanne from This Modern Life, just one of the bazillion beautiful items on one of my favourite websites, thank you so much Suzanne x
Rachel Powell Woodstock tea towel. I was bought a beautiful set of Rachel Powell tea towels in a Secret Santa at Christmas, but have a duplicate of this one now so I thought I’d share some of my RP love with you, strictly NOT for actual manual labour, mine just casually drape a chair, alluding to the work they could do, but instead just sitting there looking pretty, much like myself…less of the pretty though! (please note these do in fact fulfil their intended purpose, but they’re just too pretty to use!)

To be in with a chance of winning all this please follow the instructions on the Alice in Scandiland Facebook page, click on the image below to be whisked straight there x

facebook giveaway, Alice in Scandiland

Thank you all again, Alice in Scandiland was born from the encouragement of a lovely Facebook community and it means so much to me to see my following growing each day and I love the opportunities this affords me. I’ll keep sharing and I hope you will keep sharing with me too xx


–Please note the prize does not inc the picture frames, but if you would like to buy your own then the white Ribba frame is from IKEA and the magnetic wood poster hanger is from eBay

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