Pretty picture, fill your home with happy.

When I think about decorating a room I start with something that I think is special and work back from there, this could be a particular piece of furniture, a light fitting, even just a special cushion. But more often than not it’s a picture, something that captured my imagination and sparked ideas for the other aspects of the room’s design. Pretty Picture, fill your home with happy.

In Nancy’s room for example I fell in love with the Fur Neil Moon Man print, which I bought from This Modern Life and it all grew from there. I happened upon the Tiger cloud shelves on Scandi and Mid Century Homes and Interiors and a lovely enabler bought and sent me some from her local store, here in Cornwall we are somewhat deprived of certain things, but I suffer it for the perks!

For Eula’s room it was Rachel Powell’s Yoko, she seems to really capture Eula’s joyous character and makes us all smile when ever we see her, Eula has a few other RP prints to accompany this one too, we are seriously in love with everything she does!

In the kitchen I was stuck for accent colours, I knew I wanted clean white walls, lots of wood, keeping everything toned down and calming, but I also wanted some flashes of colour to make certain items/ areas pop. I happened upon the wrapping paper from Illustrated Living whilst out shopping and thought it would be nice to fill a space for the time being, whilst I found the right thing, but it ended up inspiring the colour pallet of this room, white, pink, mint and grey and I think it’s here to stay, I’m fully embracing the barcode too! I now have some little paintings by my dad, accompanied by an Ikea Skogsvag mirror, forming a lovely little collection. I have this wonderful lady on the way from Society6, bought in a 2am insomnia related spending incident! This is also the skin for my laptop, there’s just something about her that I find really inspiring and the colours are just beautiful.

She may live by the kitchen table, but I also love the idea of starting a gallery wall in the living room, perhaps with a loose portrait theme, strong, inspirational figures, a wall of empowerment… Frida makes the perfect start.

I ordered her online after seeing a smaller version in the window of Shuffle Showroom in Bristol a few weeks ago. I can’t wait for my next visit to have a proper browse inside.

For our bedroom I wanted to create a more grownup space, previously it was as though we were camping in our own room, everything was a case of make do, it doesn’t matter as the door will be can be closed. I needed a room I could be proud of, but for next to no cost at all. So the focus in this room is the artwork above the bed.

Inaluxe and Mark Rothko, beautiful sparks of colour on a calm, soothing background. 

The Fine Little Day Up print in the garden room fits beautifully with the outdoors, rough around the edges feel, with a living roof, a willow tree drooping down in front of the door and the use of various woods and other natural materials such as the rush matting it just feels at home here, a capture of an image that wouldn’t look out of place as the view through the window. If I look out, beyond our garden and up into the distance I see China Clay ‘mountains’, the Cornish Alps.


I think the essential thing when looking for art work is go with how it makes you feel, does it make you smile? Does it make you think of a certain memory or person? 

We all love a pretty picture, fill your home with happy, use artwork to build up your character within the room, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Here are few more lovelies I have on my one day list, some very affordable, others something I will hope I may one day own..

Beautiful leaf prints are from Etsy.

Fine Little Day Storm wall hanging

Sophie Abbott, oh how I love this artist’s work, her colours are so rich and beautiful, I love love love everything about what she creates, my blush living room wall NEEDS one of her pieces! An original would be wonderful, but I’ve spoken to her and prints are available on request. It’s my birthday in September, if any friends or family are reading this HINT HINT!!
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