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I’ve been looking back through some photos and links I have saved today, reliving some of my previous design crushes, ideas/ blogs that caught my eye, I collect them like my girls collect sea glass and pebbles from the beach. I know I will never really do anything with all these little snippets of beauty, my house isn’t big enough, my husband’s patience with my constant changes seems never ending but even he has his limits I think, but it makes me happy at the time to earmark them, highlight their importance to me at that moment in time. It’s how I unwind.

I thought I would share some of them with you, they could just be random images, or blogs that I love to browse. I have a thing for children’s interiors, beautiful little people’s clothes, because I’ve given up clothing myself! Cakes that are well beyond my skill level.

I won’t go into serious detail here as really it’s about you enjoying discovering these things for yourself through photos and the links, plus if I did get into it this would be a VERY long blog post. A picture can say a thousand words..



Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland
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If you haven’t already checked out Live Loud Girl then you must, so much inspiration and aspiration and some serious home envy.
For a split second I feel like it makes what I do look a bit mundane and silly, but then I remember I don’t have all the monies and my home is all a forever work in progress. Live Loud Girl live my dream life, design is not only their passion, but also their living.
I see it for what it is to my life, eye candy, inspiration that I can admire then come up with ways of mirroring parts in an affordable way, it can nearly always be done. Interior Design, clothing…lots and lots of lovely. Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland


Oh my, this blog just fills my heart and soul up. I originally came across Artemis and her beautiful family at Christmas, when an image of her festive front room made my eyes pop and my mind sing. I then went on to explore the rest of her blog and found one of the most inspiring collection of images and snippets of life. Interiors, parenting, craft, upcycling… pure beauty.

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland

Seeing these images now has reinvigorated my yearning to bring more subtle shades and materials to our home, I think there is a certain colour palette that people have come to recognise as my style, which is true, but the subtle, nature inspired feel of Artemis’s world is just wonderful. I have hopes that our extension will have this kind of feel, homely, effortlessly lovely. I just had a little heart flutter at the thought of a Christmas tree in it’s full splendour, in it’s own specific place, not having to move a chair out for the month of December, sacrificing half our living space. We will finally have room to spread out and fully enjoy occasions like that. But it’s July, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here!


Here are some random pretties that caught my Magpie eye…

click on the pictures for links to where they originated from, though for some I literally just repined the image as it made me happy!

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland


Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland

Petit and Small is another of those websites that has so much to be discovered, little people’s design that can very easily be used throughout the home. D├ęcor, fashion, toys and pretty pictures and stuff.

Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland Inspire me, inspire you. Alice in Scandiland


Social media and the internet in general is such a bone of contention for me, I love it and hate it almost in equal parts. I love to share, to connect with people I wouldn’t ordinarily get to talk to, exchange ideas and inspiration. But at the same time you get sucked in and it can be a huge time hole too. But then I wouldn’t have discovered all this beauty without it, I wouldn’t have the home I do, which is all as a result of what talented people put out there, for us to all enjoy and luxuriate in. Time management is key, something I haven’t quite cracked yet, maybe I never will, but at least that means I will get to discover new things, new ideas, new like minded people with real skills that I admire and aspire to.

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I hope you’ve had a great weekend xx


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