The art of compromise.

The art of compromise is something that doesn’t always come easily to me, I try my best with the girls, life with children is ALL about compromise and negotiation, but generally with my husband I do get my own way, eventually. I have almost total free reign in the house when it comes to design and have made some pretty big changes over the years, some you can see in my previous post Home is where my heart is, though already things have changed again, especially in the living room. But now that we come to the point where the main building work for the extension will be complete in a few weeks we I am thinking about the garden and this word keeps cropping up, compromise, it doesn’t sit easily with me I have to say.

I set out some of my visions is the post Garden Design..

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

but it looks as though the reality will be something quite different, perhaps even a garden of two halves.

I attacked the wildness the other day, perhaps over confident that I couldn’t possibly make things any worse than how the builders had left it..

the art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

I would like to say at this point that the builders have been fantastic, I think the mess is a little excessive but they were working extra fast to beat the shitty weather, plus the grass was already completely wrecked from the digger, so I have come to terms with this, after initial…frustration lets say.

And so I set to work, at first battling the years of neglect by myself, but later I was joined by my lovely friend who came armed with a proper Cornish Shovel and got totally stuck into the chaos too, much love to her.

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

There may have been a slight disagreement between Stu and myself once he got home and discovered I had cut down the apple tree, I may have got a little carried away, feeling all super human with my serious bow saw skills, but I’m pretty sure it was part of a discussion we had in previous weeks, you know, those kinds of discussions that are really important to you so you take note of every word that was said, but your other half claims they never happened….but it absolutely did, I’m certain, absolutely positive, unless what I am remembering is actually me going through how the conversation may go, in my head. But it’s too late now!

But here comes that word again, compromise. I want to get rid of the brambles that line the top of the dry stone wall, the boundary of our little garden, Stu how ever does not, at all. Now I KNOW this was part of an actual, definite real life conversation where the end decision was we would have a lovely looking fence..

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

but this has changed now, apparently they are absolutely NOT going, urrrgh and sigh and maybe some stomping and shouting on my part. They may look ok ish, if you squint your eyes and it’s dark, but they do not fit in with my beautiful, easy to manage, contemporary garden dreams.

However, I do understand his reasoning, we get a great crop of blackberries from those bushes, the bees love them, there are many other little creatures that make their home in and around them, which leads me to another member of the family’s plea to keep them. Nancy is very concerned that our brambles may well be THE actual location of the real Brambly Hedge and that by giving them the chop we will be making many little mouse families homeless. And would you believe, only moments after she declared this I did in fact see a little mouse dart out from one hole and down into another..

If you’re not familiar with Jill Barklem’s Brambly Hedge then here is just a small idea of the magic, these wonderful stories formed the backbone of my childhood, fuel for my very active imagination..

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

So, in the words of my wise friends, I have come to the conclusion that ‘it is their garden too’ and their opinions are valid as much as mine. I will leave the ugly brambles, the closer you get the worse they look! Arrrgh. I will relocate some of my ideas and concentrate on one corner of the garden, create my vision there and then over time spread out and tie everything together the best I can.

That there people is compromise, I’m learning!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? It has been the hottest I have known it to be in a very long time the past few days, but I have been caught up with one thing or another so haven’t had the chance to fully enjoy it, tomorrow I’m hoping for dinner on the beach, to swim in the sea with my girls and stay until it’s time for bed.

I’ll leave you with a little extension excitement…the slab is done, the glazing will be arriving next week. I couldn’t help but have a little play in the sunshine to get a sense of scale..

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland

The art of compromise. Alice in Scandiland


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