Room divisions, zoning a space.

My last post about my ongoing work at the Birth Centre and the children’s space I have been creating there has led me on to thinking more about different fun and exciting ways of zoning rooms. The great thing about writing this blog is the ability to explore ideas, even if I don’t have the space to try them within our home, I may one day get to create something from here for someone else, perhaps you will feel inspired, I always love seeing what my readers are up to.

Be bold.

Colour captures the eye and can hugely change the dynamic in a room. I’m a big fan of a base of white, it can allow what’s within the space to speak, a certain piece of standout furniture, a picture or certain fabric, but sometimes you just have to go really bold. This glorious framing of mustardy yellow picks out the corner of the room, defining the space, making it somehow feel further away, enlarging the room. It is made by the fact that all other details are muted and not trying to compete for attention.

Room divisions, zoning multifunctional spaces.
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Room divisions, zoning a space. Alice in Scandiland

This absolutely wonderful children’s space by Britta Bloggt just fills me up with a warm fuzzy feeling, a beautiful mix of contemporary and vintage, an odd shaped wall turned into the making of the room, simple and perfect and quite possibly inspo for a few tweaks in Nancy’s room, but that is for another day.

More creative colour here from IKEA and Mommo Design. So many of us have rooms that have a multifunctional purpose, be that a living room diner or siblings sharing a bedroom, here it is clear one room doesn’t have to mean one design, one colour.

Colour is a relatively quick and inexpensive change you can make, without the need for much DIY skill, you can start basic and work your way up as your confidence grows.

If you are feeling less bold then simple, subtle colour choices for furniture and accessories can have the same affect, Flexa Play illustrate this with this wonderful shared children’s room..

Room divisions, defining a space. Alice in Scandiland


Take on a classic.

Room dividers have been used for centuries, each era bringing their own take on a simple idea, when done well they can be the making of a space. Mid Century designs embraced the idea and did it brilliantly. I think the key focus if the divider is made from some form of shelving is groupings of interesting objects and keeping a sense of order, shelves can look great, but they can also look pretty shitty piled high with every day life clutter. Bills and half eaten bananas are not pretty! I think people fall into two categories, those that can do open shelving and those that can’t, I have accepted that I live in a house of 4, 3 of those people can’t and so out came our floor to ceiling shelves. But beautiful displays of interesting pieces can bring so much heart to a home.

Of course a divider doesn’t have to just be shelving..

Room divisions, zoning a space. Alice in Scandiland

These looks can easily be achieved with very little money and some basic carpentry skills. I love the bold statement of the ply used by Fest Amsterdam in their showroom, more beautiful pics on Roomed.

Check out Contemporist for some amazingly indulgent ply use and some serious colour popping.

More ideas…

If you aren’t very DIY minded and just want a simple fix then the IKEA Expedit shelving unit could be for you, as seen on Homeedit’s piece on the Expedit’s many uses.

Room divisions, defining a space. Alice in Scandiland

Of course there are many other ways to divide and define a room, I have merely scratched the surface, but I have shared some ideas that interested me, I hope they do the same for you.

Here’s to a good week for us all. Thanks for popping by, I’ll leave you with some pics from the past few days. Don’t forget to pin me!



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  1. bobaneena says:

    Great post and love the new look 😃
    My kitchen corner was inspired by the Britta Bloggt room!
    That log rug from the Fest Amsterdam showroom is to die for 😍

    1. Thanks lovely, I just want to recreate all the prettiness! I need a few more houses I think!

  2. Great pics and ideas. Thanks for sharing it. Will see if we can give some of these a go as we decorate our house.

    1. Thank you very much ❤😚 Good luck with the home renovations xx

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