Inside/Outside Living.

I wrote a piece for an online magazine, which now won’t be used for one out of my control, nothing to do with them not liking it reason or another, but hey ho, I thought I’d share it with you guys instead. I’m ill and have spent the entire day watching crappy tv and trying to avoid the builders by blocking out any natural light, I was lucky to be able to palm the girls off on my wonderful mum, the whole day feels like a complete waste of time so I might as well do some sharing. For some reason the font has gone all weird but who the hell cares, I can’t work out how to change it.


So often when it comes to the design and layout of our homes inside and outside are treated as two completely different areas, we switch off the thought processes that help us create beautiful, flowing internal spaces and adopt a far more limiting approach to linking our two worlds. By changing your mind-set a little, picturing the space beyond those doors as an extension of what comes before it, then things can get a lot more exciting.

Inside outside living is all about flow, pull elements from your internal space out and bring the best bits of the garden in, this doesn’t have to be something you experience only when on holiday, it really isn’t raining all the time here and I promise once you inject some comfort and indulgence into your new open air living room you’ll want to be out there in all weathers.

Doors don’t have to be the barriers between in and out, instead they can be the key to pulling everything together, think open, think beyond, glass will keep you connected to the outside, wooden screens will emulate the trees and plants and connect the house to it’s surroundings. I love to mirror the greenery of the garden in the adjoining rooms with easy to care for plants, I won’t lie, I’m not gifted with green fingers but Succulents, Cacti and leafy plants like the Swiss Cheese and Asparagus Ferns seem to do very well. Geo-fleur have a wonderful jungle of selection, line your walls, fill a corner, pull in the nature.

Inside/Outside Living
Photo credits – Instagram – cubecoachhouse, interior_spaces_soul_feeds, geo_fleur



I love the use of Scandinavian/ Mid Century pieces as a bridge between in and out, simple, timeless design that compliments the natural elements of a garden. Mixing vintage finds with contemporary treasures will create more meaning to a space, a lived in place with a story to tell.

Inside/Outside Living
Photo credits – Instagram – sevencouches, Scandinavian Design Centre


Luxurious comfort in the form of cushions, throws, storm lanterns, festoon lights and more make for an inviting seating area, a world away from faded plastic recliners and gnomes. Almost all of us have a sofa inside the house, somewhere to unwind in slouchy comfort, so why not outside as well? Water resistant cushions will allow you to relax and enjoy your outside space, but how about keeping some special pieces in a basket by the door, ready to grab on your way out, to really add some of your personality to the space. Throws have so many different uses, wrap yourself up when it’s late in the evening, as you talk into the early hours with friends, create extra seating on a nearby raised bed, or just drape over the back of a chair for a beautifully inviting feel, you are completely justified in having a wonderful stash of these essential items.

Inside/Outside Living
Photo credits – Instagram -fleamarketfab, wohnprinz, jungalow


No matter what your style asphetic, whether you love Flea Market Boho Chic, Jungalow, Scandinavian simplicity, it really doesn’t matter, layering of textures and beautiful pieces will give the rich thought through togetherness of an inside room, extending your home right out to the boundaries, creating another outlet for interests, to relax and entertain.

Get the look with some lovely key pieces, for when you’re feeling like you want to splash some cash…

Inside/Outside Living

1.Donna Wilson Allsorts lambswool throw 2. Rosie Moss Flight cushion, Southwood Stores 3. Jonah rattan outdoor sofa 4.Pappelina Asta indoor/outdoor rug, Southwood Stores 5. Estiva linen blankets 6. StudioWM String lounge Chair 7. Olli Ella Teepee basket

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