Sunshine lift my spirits…

The sunshine is lifting my mood and I’m sat here marvelling at how close we are to such a huge change to the way we live. Not so long ago behind this chair was the boundary of our little indoor home world and now more than just the promise of a room to spread ourselves into, to relax and grow as a family.

Sunshine lift my spirits. Alice in Scandiland

I don’t believe true happiness comes from the number of things you own, though these things can and do bring joy at moments here and there, I won’t deny I do enjoy the ‘things’, but they are not the true foundations of life. No matter where we might be we would have each other to love and we can live inside that love, but it is also quite special when you set down your roots and decide this is where we will be, where our children were brought home as babies, or in Eula’s case actually born, right here in this spot by my feet as I write, I can look up and see where Nancy used to coast around the living room, finding her feet, bumping her head on anything she could possibly manage. Where we celebrated their first Christmases, where they will set off on their first days of school, all these firsts fitted into a small little house, but a house that is ours, so much more than many will have. And now we are so close to a little dream of mine, just a little more breathing space, so we can be together, but also sometimes not, because life can be so full on and all consuming and just sometimes I don’t want to be sat on and fondled and sang to and licked, yes LICKED PEOPLE!!! These little beauties are glorious little tiresome tornados and Mummy needs a nice Ercol daybed to rest upon, cup of tea in hand, sneaky biscuit in cheek, without being constantly watched.

Sunshine lift my spirits. Alice in Scandiland

As ever there is still work to be done, glass to go in, weather to do battle with, but not long, not long now until I can prettify and escape and breath out a little more in this place we call home.

Not long.


Here is one of those ‘things’ I have an hankering for…a lovely vintage bamboo chair, the search begins..

Sunshine lift my spirits. Alice in Scandiland


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