Take each day.

Things have been very unbalanced between this pair for quite some time, five minutes wouldn’t pass without someone screaming bloody murder, snatching and shrieking, my nerves and patience up and walked weeks back, months if I’m being really honest and I’m sorry to say it wasn’t renewed when a fresh day came. Two minutes into breakfast, a scene that wouldn’t look too out of place in a zoo, or perhaps the Serengeti and I’m back to my worn out, groundhog day blurry eyed view of the world. What have we done?!!?
But all of a sudden there’s a shift, a realignement of some mystical developmental force, perhaps an older sister feeling less threatened by the needs of the younger, perhaps the smaller one’s new found voice and ever increasing ability to get the right things into a potty/ toilet, just like her big sister, ‘I a big girl Mummy’, only occasionally a distracted deposit under the kitchen table whilst colouring. Time has sped up again, Summer is here, there are no babies to be found in our home anymore, just the faces of two young girls, with a bond so deep that even a thumping punch to the ear or the destruction of a picture that had taken seemingly hours to create can be forgotten just like that.

This morning they wanted to dress like twins, to start the day as equals, off to the beach to surf and run and be free.

I must try harder to take each day as just that, a day, when it ends ill feeling should too. We are all learning.

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