Dotcom Gift Shop parcel of treats.

It’s always lovely to get a knock on the door and be handed a big parcel of wonderful treats, lately the only things that seem to arrive at our house are wooden floor samples and bills, but today is an exception.

Dotcom Gift Shop parcel of treats. Alice in Scandiland

The lovely people at Dotcom Gift Shop have sent the girls some wonderful Summer Holiday entertainment, I’m very excited to show them what’s arrived, but not today, I will save these for a special day I have planned for very soon, today Nancy and Eula are exhausted and hormonal, much like their mother and it would be a wasted treat.

Here’s a sneaky peak at the goodies, stay tuned for a full blog post which will include details on each item, ooooh I can’t wait to get playing and making and to see the girl’s faces when they open the box, I already plan on filling my emergency gift box up with duplicates of these fab bits and bobs, who doesn’t want a little pocket face with magnetic beard hair?! I know there are children’s things but I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself too I think.

Dotcom Gift Shop parcel of treats. Alice in Scandiland


In other exciting news WE HAVE GLASS!!!

Well, 80% of the glass that is, the weather has been somewhat against us this past week but loooook…Dotcom Gift Shop parcel of treats. Alice in Scandiland

We’re nearly there, just the knocking through to the kitchen, removing the living room patio doors, rendering in and out, underfloor heating to install, sub floor, paint, 2nd fix electrics, remove all the skirting on the ground floor, level the living room floor out to the extension, rip up the carpet, lay new floor, new skirting, respray the wood burner, landscape the garden, replace front door, refit/ decorate the downstairs cupboard loo, new ceiling in the porch, redo the front garden….

Holy crap we are so not nearly there!! Ha!

Happy mid week xx

Dotcom Gift Shop parcel of treats. Alice in Scandiland

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