Life goes on.

Hello my lovelies, it’s been a bit of a while, again! Since I last did some writing here I’ve turned another year older and I do actually feel a tiny little bit wiser! I’ve decided to try and not sweat the small stuff, each day I need to think about all the wonderful things I have in my life and be thankful, rather that forever thinking about what I don’t have.

I had a brilliant evening out with friends to celebrate turning 29, I’ve officially entered the last year of my twenties, which is quite something really. My 20s have brought me marriage, babies, new friends who will be with me for life and new passions which I hope to build on as I grow older year by year.

I treated myself to a super shiny gold top as lately my overall ‘look’ has been wallflower, I wanted to jump outside that box for the night. I drank many Mojitos and felt quite special the following day, but it was worth it.

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

The last month has felt quite intense at home, the main building work finished in August which in my mind meant we were almost finished, but in reality the 2nd half of the work has been far worse, no floor for weeks, dust, god the bloody dust! We haven’t had a downstairs loo in over 6 weeks, never will I take that tiny little room for granted again, how do people survive without a toilet downstairs with 2 children under 5?! Painting, sanding, oiling the floor, skirting, moving kitchen cupboards, blah, blah, blah. We had to camp upstairs for 2 weeks, no workable kitchen, surfaces piled high with utter crap, I’m sure you get the very boring pity me story!

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

The front door has been a saga all of it’s own, I won’t go into too much detail, I am feeling rather calm and incredibly happy today, but if I think about it too much my blood will begin to boil, lets just say when you order something in the first week of July you don’t expect this to happen in the first week of October..

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

Even I would have mistaken our own home for a drug den, that was a fun few days I can tell you!

But despite some stresses and plans/ time frames not quite working out, life goes on and we are now rising up out of the darkness and I can’t tell you how utterly in love with our home I am. I come downstairs in the morning and can’t believe it’s the same place and that I get to live here.

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

The girls have room to sprawl and play and run (the novelty of doing laps downstairs hasn’t worn off for them yet, unfortunately). They can get their train set out, set it up and there it can stay, without feeling like they’ve taken over half the house. I can usually be found sitting and just admiring my surroundings in the extension, I can waste some serious time staring out of the windows as the surrounding trees, the garden is currently in a state of limbo, we seeded part of it with grass but the decking is still a way off. I really hope we can get it done soon as it’s really inhibiting how we use our outside space and with 2 young children that’s less than ideal, but I count my blessings for how far we have come.

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

We are settling into our new life routine, Nancy started full time school in September and is completely in love with everything about it, she bounds out at the end of the day, full of happiness, eager to read to me with her new found skills, to see her little sister after so many hours apart and overall we all feel more balanced I think. I have gone through the guilt of feeling slight relief at the respite from such an intense little girl and now just relish in the fact that she is so in love with school and I am such a better mother to her for having that time apart.

Life goes on, Alice in Scandiland

Life goes on for us, I feel more settled, more contented in my everyday goings on, happy to just improve myself little by little, no longer consumed by being someone, something else.

I’m just me and that’s ok. I’m a good person to be. I can be worked on, but for now all is good.

Life goes on,  Alice in Scandiland

p.s  I’ve used my old WordPress site to post this blog and it definitely feels more like home…I will ponder this some more.

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  1. Jane says:

    So love having you back Alice. I know and understand that it’s been an uneasy journey and a tricky path to tread with your aspirations, ambitions and hey, just plain old ordinary day to day life. I’ve been thinking of you and really missing your writing and your take on your daily life. I completely appreciate the ‘dot com’ position and am thrilled that you’re once again inspired to share your thoughts with us all again.

    1. Thank you Jane, we’ll see what happens. It’s been a lovely day. Hope you guys are well 😚😚

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