Dinosaurs, cake and crying.

Children are such oddities aren’t they, you provide them with the means to have a ¬†totally fab day, all the things they love, but they sabotage it with their peculiar ways.

Today is Eula’s 3rd birthday, i’m sure if you asked her she will tell you she’s had a great day, I will look back at the joyful photos we have and in a few days time may almost believe them!

Today has been about dinosaurs, cake and crying, oh and an aquarium, but it almost doesn’t count due to the speed at which Nancy wanted to move through it, I think I caught a glimpse of a fish or 2, but there was certainly no opportunity to fully admire and discuss, so strange seeing as they have both been looking forward to today for the past week. But hey, that’s life with children, you just can’t call it.

Anyway, a Dinosaur cake has been requested persistently for months, so in the brief moments that I had to produce such a thing I did my usual and forgot that I just can’t make cream cheese frosting. Faced with lumps and slop I stayed calm and threw a load of white chocolate at it, she’s 3, she couldn’t care less and I had decided to not be so hard on myself this year, no one has higher expectations of me than myself, get over it Alice! The girls are collecting Schleich animals so I decided, seeing as I don’t do shaped cakes or gross icing (personal preference) that I would adorn a Schleich Velociraptor with a party skirt and hat, as you do!

I really enjoyed pottering last night, making and tidying and setting the scene, all in blissful peace and quiet.

Eula was thrilled when she came down this morning, after a lovely lie in. Typically I made myself get up and awake early so I could have time to come round and get in a good mood, thinking she’d be up early for sure!

Moomins, dinosaurs, unicorns and other lovely things greeted her, so ok, writing this is actually helping me see the happy moments that did occur, the day started well.

New Mini Boden gear for Eula thanks to Granny and Grandpa.
I’m starting to think the mistake we made was going out!

Anyway, we had planned to go to the Aquarium, we went, it wasn’t the family trip I had imagined, blah, blah.

I did get a moment to pop into Flying Tiger and Primark for a few things we needed and several that we definitely DIDN’T need! The girls are having a joint birthday party next month, can’t bloody wait!?!!!!! and Flying Tiger is fab for cheap party bits and pieces.

But I also picked up this super cute cat tote from Primark for ¬£1, I’m a sucker for a bag and couldn’t leave this lovely behind..

I enjoyed that 30 minutes to myself, I won’t lie.

So, Eula’s little bff Fred came over when we got home, pizza dinner and a film, some more tears from my girls, finally some cake, not my greatest achievement looks wise but Eula was suitably impressed and that’s all that matters right? Plus it tasted LUSH. Devils chocolate sponge with a Biscoff spread centre and lumpy cream cheese frosting (covered in white chocolate, to camouflage the lumps!)

So there we are, as I write this I’m lying here in the dark, breastfeeding my newly 3 year old daughter to sleep, downstairs in the living room is where she was born, it’s been a terribly wonderfully joyfully difficult 3 years, I think I am learning to lower my expectations of myself, but my mind still gets carried away every so often.

I enjoy being honest here, it helps to figure out my days.

Nothing is ever THAT bad really, we are all so fortunate to have the life we lead, but it’s ok to have a little mope every so often.

Lots of love xx

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    Looks like a typical kids birthday. We never get through one without tears here.
    That cake looks awesome. I did similar for my now 3 year old too. Dinosaurs rock.

    1. Another birthday to survive on Monday, and a joint party tomorrow. Oh the joys!

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