Winter is coming.

​Today I have been readying the house for the months ahead, I’ve had a big sort out in our room and discovered that we actually have a floor, who would have known! As progress has been made downstairs, so has some serious slipping of standards upstairs!

The trouble with a small house, inhabited by 4 people, is if you don’t stay on top of things you’re soon swamped. 2 of our tribe may be little, but they come with a lot of baggage. 

Both the girl’s birthdays are later on in the year, Eula’s last month, Nancy’s in about 2 weeks time, then there’s Christmas. There’s a sudden influx of things, it feels like 3 entire months of receiving. So lovely, but it can also start to feel suffocating. I try to have a sort through every few months, out with the old (and unloved) so we can properly welcome the new. Today 2 large bin liners of old clothes, toys and odities went off to the charity shop, a much needed cleanse.

Once again I have been quite distracted and neglected the blog, some days I have had the urge to write but not the time, other days I’ve had the time but felt like I have nothing interesting to share!

I am focusing on getting us all ready for the colder, darker months, I am feeling quite calm and really enjoying sitting in front of the wood burner of an afternoon, cup of tea in hand, listening to Nancy and Eula busy themselves in their rooms.

candle holders from Maisons du Monde

I have finally found some lovely affordable stearin based candles from good old IKEA so I am starting to light the darker afternoon, evenings with these. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about candle light, it really does something good to your soul. Even more so knowing that what I am burning won’t harm us with nasty chemicals. If you haven’t looked into it already it really is worth a bit of reading, no one wants to snuggle at home with the equivalent of exhaust fumes wafting around you, there’s more useful info here . 

I am a regular TKMaxx visitor and can often be found sniffing all their scented candles, in search of the right wiff, they have a great selection of veg/ soy based candles and it is becoming a bit of an addiction I think. This was my last haul.

As the days grow colder and we have to think more about heating the house it became apparent that Nancy, who is super slim, we call her The Racing Snake, was getting quite chilly in her bed. I decided to rearrange things in her room so her bed could be closer to the heater. I don’t want to share too much as it’s still a work in progress but here’s a little peep…

She is much happier as at the head of her bed is a vent in the wall which allows heat from the wood burner below to come in and at the foot of the bed is the heater. I’m really pleased with how things are going, but I’m rather short on funds for any new accessories right now, so important details like the cushions are borrowed from elsewhere in the house for the time being. I look forward to further sharing once things are all done, I hope it will be before Christmas!
Eula has all of a sudden come down with those nasty bugs that are doing the rounds, an unexpected nap earlier means she is now fighting bedtime and I am sat here writing in the darkness of her little room. My bum went to sleep a long time ago, if only she would follow suit.

Enjoy your evening lovelies, until next time xx

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  1. Kay says:

    Such a lovely home. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kay ❤😚😆

  2. Innocent Charms Chats says:

    I have just started lighting the candles too. It’s the one thing that stops me feeling sad now the nights are darker.
    I am going to have a read about why soy.

    Your home is so beautiful xx

    1. Thank you xx

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