Things to look forward to, festivities and treats.

As I sit here and write this Nancy is in surgery, having an operation to remove her tonsils and adenoids and fit grommets. I am in need of some distraction so what better way than to look forward to December, to all the treats there are out there and the beautiful time we will hopefully have this Christmas.
As we approach the start of Advent I am feeling rather underprepared. I have been distracted by birthdays, parties and this forthcoming surgery.

Nancy turned 5 at the start of the week..

Want to see the cake I made for the girl’s joint party?

So I find myself without a firm Advent calender plan and only a few days of the month left.

I totally love this Ferm Living one, beautifully displayed in this image from Leo&Bella..

I’ve been eyeing it up in the Black Friday sales but after a spur of the moment Olli Ella basket purchase I have been sitting on my hands trying to behave! This Modern Life had it in stock the last time I checked and they have 15% off this weekend.

Last year I created an Advent branch on the kitchen wall, which was beautiful, though my phone camera at the time was rather shoddy and therefore photo’s of it don’t do it justice.

I may well end up recreating this in some way, though I have another idea up my sleeve, inspired by these beautiful brass wreaths from Scandivis..

I ordered some copper macrame hoops from eBay to come up with my own take on this beautifully simple and elegant wreath, watch this space for more on that, but I think I could use one to create a sort of Christmas mini parcel dreamcatcher affair. Lets see what happens.

This Modern Life have a free PDF for mini versions of brands such as Ferm Living’s wallpaper, perfect for using in a dolls house, but it also makes brilliant wrapping paper, I used it for the advent branch last year. I’ve also just found this fab free Christmas wrapping paper from Baba Souk

I’ve got some plain brown parcel paper which I plan on doing some printing on, possibly with the girls, to make our own wrapping paper, but will definitely be printing off these too.

I’m loving all things natural and wholesome and heartwarming this winter. Candlelight, handmade decorations, greenery…

I have some cut willow in the garden waiting for a quiet day when I can fashion something with it. This lovely candelabra by one of my blog crushes Junkaholique is just wonderful, perhaps something like this could be nice for the extension.

Photo credits, Junkaholique/Pinterest

I’m so excited to have enough room this year for exploring all my festive fancies, last year we had to sacrifice a chair from the living room in order to have a decent sized tree, this year will be a completely different experience.

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