Small Business Saturday

​Today is Small Business Saturday and inspired by the lovely Catherine Caton’s Instagram post this morning I would like to share with you some of the small businesses that I follow, have bought from, plan to buy from in the future and some that I have just discovered.

We all get caught up in the mass produced cheap finds available on the high street, there’s nothing really wrong with that, but nothing beats the special, personal treatment you get when you buy from a small business. Practicality wise the ease of communication, how lovely it is to speak to the person who actually knows their products and has a passion for them. But also the beauties you end up with, whether they be handmade by the shop owner, or carefully curated to form a collection of products that mean something. Chances are they may have more ethical origins, a traceable journery from maker to seller. We all love a bit of a back story to the objects in our home, or the clothes we choose to wear.

Here are a few of my favorites –

Rachel Powell

Several of her pieces grace our home, Eula has 3 prints in her bedroom as well as some lovely little postcards that came free with our orders, the added extras you sometimes get when your order from a small business really makes it so much more special doesn’t it.

Southwood Stores

Check out the website or Instagram for some seriously lovely grownup treats. Hayley also runs/ hoasts fantastic workshops, ranging from Origami lampshades to Bullet Jounalling. I’m super sad I don’t live closer, but hopefully one day I will be passing.

This Modern Life

This Modern Life just have ALL the pretties, a beautifully curated collection of wants and must haves for children and big people alike. We have a few bits and pieces from them such as these posters –

OMM Designs – Grid and Fur

Martin Kruche ‘Fur Neil’

Mon Pote

I haven’t had the chance to visit this beautiful Bristol based store yet, but fully intend to when I next visit my big brother. I love their Instagram feed and daydream about all the pretties that would feel very at home in our house.

Illustrated Living

I make a beeline to Illustrated Living when I go shopping in Truro. A wonderful collection of Scandi inspired homewares. The store is set in Lemon Street Market, a little haven with cafes, a bakers, florists, Art Gallery and more. I remember going Christmas shopping shortly after Nancy was born and completely freaking out being out in public far too soon! I rushed to Lemon Street Market, claimed a spot in the cafe, sat under giant tree ferns and breathed a sigh of relief, whilst stuffing comfort cake in my mouth!

And finally, a new Instagram discovery

Catching Doodles

I have several bits just sat in my online basket, waiting for some magical funds to appear so that I may make my purchases, there are so many beautiful things on this website, perfect for Christmas. I love that this is a family centred business, run by some fellow Cornwall dwellers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my shares. This post is in no way affiliated with the small businesses mentioned, they’re just some of my faves and I like to share with you.
I hope you’re all getting into the festive spirit, I’d love to hear about your favourite small businesses, whether they be local treasures or someone you have an Insta crush on.

Today I will mostly be found hibernating by the fire, apparently about to be eaten by a whole army of Schleich animals!

Happy Saturday x

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