Trees and frolics.

Today we bought our tree, a little earlier than usual, but Stu’s shift pattern coming up won’t allow much tree perousing so we decided to get it sorted today, whilst enjoying the beautiful sunshine, then take our time to decorate over the coming week.

I have such fond memories of my Dad and I setting off to find the ultimate tree, Dad would set a budget, which invariably would be broken minutes into our search. Many long moments staring at one side, then the other, seeking out bald patches, a quest for the perfect symmetry. My husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm, but the weather lightened his mood somewhat!

I had decided even before we left that this year the tree would be a little smaller…

We decided on this 7ft beauty, several feet over what I had intended, but when it came out of the pile and stood there so pert and proud then I just knew it was the one for us. The girls approved and I tried to bypass the ‘How much?!’ conversation with Mr Scrooge over there by suggesting the next stop should be the beach.

Tree loaded into the van (better planning this year compared to last, when I had to somehow fit a 6ft unbagged, chunky tree plus myself and Eula into a teeny tiny Toyota Yaris. It took some doing but there was no way I was leaving that tree behind!

What an unbelievably glorious day today was, it would have been rude not to dip our toes in the sea.

It was lovely to watch Nancy, so care free and happy after what has been one of the most draining fortnight of my life. This poor little love has been in so much pain, but we’re finally getting there, day by day.

I could see a small tear roll down Stu’s face as he watched the beautifully clean surf, or perhaps it was the breeze. We hadn’t had the foresight to bring boards or wetsuits, the girls were rather annoyed that they couldn’t go in but while I would usually be totally up for letting them run naked and wild into the waves, today just wasn’t the day.

Eventually it was time to come home and get the tree into position..

I’ve been yearning for one of the Ferm Living tree blankets since last Christmas, but we’ve had a lot of outgoings of late and I just couldn’t justify it, but fortunately I thought to try this  La Redoute rug which is destined for Eula’s room. I also planned to use the same copper basket as last year but decided to try out this IKEA Gaddis basket that has been a home for our blankets and throws.

The tree is stood in a metal bucket, wedged with house bricks, then sat in the IKEA basket. I have stuffed sticks between the outer basket and bucket as I didn’t like that you could see through to it.

Considering I hadn’t planned any of this before I’m rather pleased with how its turned out. I can’t wait to decorate it properly over the coming weeks..

What a beautiful day we’ve had, I have a little warm fuzzy feeling inside, I think it’s festive joy…it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas round here!

Take care x

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    Fabulous coastal pics Alice, beautiful scenery, beautifully captured.

    1. Thank you lovely xx

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