Baskets full of money?

I’d like to talk about 2 things in this post, 1 is baskets, the other is money..

I’ve spoken of my basket love before, as a mother I need to hide ugly things in pretty places, baskets are my chosen solution. I wanted to share with you some lovelies that arrived today..

I bought them from The African Emporium, a shop in Norwich that unfortunately is closing down. After their existence being brought to my attention via the Scandi + MidC homes Facebook group I contacted them on Facebook and they sent me some photos of what they had left. Here’s one of their stock pictures to give you an idea of what they did have..

Look at the size of the ones at the back!!

These new ones are destined for the girl’s bedrooms I think, to conceal the multitude of unplayed with, but apparently totally dear to them soft toys and little things which seem to have absolutely no function what so ever and yet breed at a rate more impressive than a rabbit.

I also have another Olli Ella teepee basket on the way, bought in the Black Friday sales, but it was delivered to a friend’s and I haven’t seen her yet…

Ikea Fladis

Olli Ella remain my number one basket crush, the colours and styles are so simple, classic and timeless. Utterly beautiful. I have several of the IKEA Fladis belly baskets, but would love to add to the collection with some of the pompom and leather strap OE ones.

Photo credit – Olli Ella

The Harlequin Teepee basket, top left, will live in Eula’s newly updated, work in progress room. It’s such a tiny space in there you have to really love every single thing that goes in. These baskets serve an important function, but look so good whilst doing it too.

My recent TKMaxx pink necked basket find keeps migrating around the house, I want to see it wherever I am, it’s such a joyful little thing and was such a bargain, which leads me on to my next topic, money.

I’m aware that I like to share with you things that I buy, lovelies that I come across and I think in the most part this is enjoyed by you, but I wanted to share with you how I buy these things, not because I feel I need to explain or justify myself, simply because the how is an important part of how I live.

In recent years I have massively decluttered our house, greatly reducing our posession and am gradually (not gradual enough for my husband I think!) making our home space work best for our family.

Something switched in my head when I was pregnant with my youngest, Eula, and I suddenly became much less attached to many objects around me, they just didn’t matter. This has stuck with me over the years and I use it to be quite cut throat about certain decisions. If something isn’t fulfilling it’s function around the house then it goes. It’s fine to just be a pretty thing that I like to look at, but if I don’t have an emotional investment in that thing then I know I won’t miss it and off it goes for someone else to love. I’m quite good at selling things on, so I’m not afraid to try something, enjoy it for a while then move it on if my initial interest in it wavers.

The other day I wanted some new bedding for Nancy’s room, I’ve been in love with the Fine Little Day Gran set for a long time, but it isn’t cheap, I couldn’t ordinarily afford to spend that much on a duvet cover, but by looking around the house/ garden room and finding a few things I no longer used/ wanted and selling them on, I was able to buy that bedding.

My husband say’s he’s surprised he hasn’t come home to find he’s been sold too!

Over time I am reducing the quantity of our personal belongings, but increasing the quality of them, 3 useless objects that were cluttering up the house paid for 1 thing that brings happiness to me and Nancy on a daily basis.

I don’t have an endless disposable income, but I recycle my money which gives me opportunities to try different things.

So on that note, look at another of my TKMaxx scores from the other day!

Happy shopping people x

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  1. Jane Wheeler says:

    Clever money equals clever style definition, brilliant achievement Alice

    1. Thank you lovely ❤

  2. Merje says:

    Now tell me how you get the husbot to agree to changes? It takes me on average about 7 years to change a large item of furniture that no longer works in the space…

  3. Hahaha, I kind of just start and don’t ask Merje!

  4. Gill says:

    Lovely blog… can I ask where you sell you unwanted items ?

    1. Thanks Gill. Mostly on Facebook, mostly local selling pages for general household bits and bobs, but also national ones for specific brands of kids clothes and more on trend home accessories…

  5. Niamh says:

    Love this. I do exactly the same! I’m forever selling stuff on and it eases my guilt about buying new pretty things. Everyone wins I think. The people buying are usually thrilled and I feel good about not adding to landfill or mindlessly consuming and cluttering up my house. My husband also makes the same joke! I must look around my house now in fact and see if there is anything I could sell on today.. I feel a TKMaxx shopping trip is on the cards! Gorgeous blog and style and ethos. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Niamh, it’s definitely the way forward, the ultimate way to recycle possessions.

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