Living room.

Since the extension was built I’ve been having a quiet battle with the living room. 

Because the garden room is so light, with a high ceiling, in my mind it has made the sitting room feel squished and a little forgotten. The ceiling, which isn’t that high, feels even lower, the rank artex is too close for comfort (I’m trying to learn to live with it as there’s no way we could afford to remedy it any time soon, it’s throughout the house, a kind of mottled affect, I guess big swirls could be worse).
But really a lot of the ‘issues’ are in my head, because it isn’t ‘finished’ how I want yet I’m picking holes in it, but these things take time, you have to live in a space to know how it will work.

Here’s some previous versions of the room..

I still have this IKEA Ektorp sofa, the brown chair was from my lovely Granny and was reborn as my turquoise beauty and the little orange leggy number lives in the extension..

That time the wall was pink..

And now…

Sometimes all it takes is an accent piece to inspire you, or to pull things together and make a room feel more cohesize. This happened yesterday when I put some dried Cow Parsley from an opportunistic road side forage into a vase and popped my new blanket on the side of the sofa, it sounds silly, those aren’t major things and yet it feels like an entirely different space as a result!

I was questioning my decision to jazz up the sofa with the PrettyPeg legs as initially it was a spur of the moment thing and took the look/ feel of the room in a different direction to what I had planned, but I’m embracing them now.

I’m in love with this blanket, which I found in Tkmaxx for a very bargainous £18. The pink detail creates a link between the sofa legs and my Inaluxe print which you can just about see in this picture..

I’ve mentioned it before, but what a difference pining the skirt up on the Ektorp sofa has made. I’ll admit that at the time of buying had we had a bigger budget I probably wouldn’t have gone for this one, but it was a vast improvement on the previous one and the changes I have made to it make a huge difference to it’s style credentials, well, in my opinion anyway, what do you think?

The mirror, from Maisons du Monde, is to try and make up for the lack of window in this room, the reflection gives the idea of something beyond and moves light around. In an ideal world I’d like to add a window to the side external wall, but I think it’s very unlikely this will happen.

I’m yet to commit to a fabric for the Ercol footstool, for the time being I’ve wrapped the cushion pad with a Hema blanket. A project for the new year I think.

So there we are, a little share for this Friday evening. School has broken up, the holidays have begun and despite one small person with their arm in cast we are going to enjoy ourselves.

The fire is lit and later we’re off to get merry with good friends.

Lots of love to you xx

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi there!!
    Firstly I just want to say that your house is absolutely gorgeous. I love love love what you’ve done with your sofa and wondered if you could tell me how you removed/what you did with the skirt? I really dislike my sofa (it was a spur of the moment purchase 🙄) but I think I would like it a LOT more if I could do what you’ve done.
    Thank you for reading.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Charlotte, thank you ❤
      I’ve tucked and stapled the cover under, so it’s still removable if needs be, which is useful with 2 kids, then i just staple it back on again. That isn’t a weekly occurrence, I’ve only had to do it twice in 2 years. I lived with the black plastic legs for a while then eventually replaced them.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thank you! Since writing my first message I’ve spent all evening trying to remove the legs (casters) from my sofa 🙈 I’ve finally done it and desperately would like to replace them with some other legs…just need to look into how to attach the new ones.
    Thank you for the inspiration!! X

    1. Pretty pegs sell brackets that help you attach them 😉

  3. Charlotte says:

    Fab, thank you!!

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